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County Roads 2 and 4 Mapped Out

This evening I went for a nice ride (see here for pictures) and along the way mapped out what I think are the last side roads available from Ouray County Roads 2 and 4. As you can see from the … Continue reading

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Nice Evening Views from Ouray County Road 4 and Pahgre

I’m coming off a bad sinus infection, but what infected me this evening was the need to ride! I threw some throat lozenges

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Updating WordPress—Didn’t I Just Do This?

These days one should keep one’s software current as a hedge against security threats and perhaps the possibility of an invasion from Mars. Anyway, tonight I upgraded WordPress from 3.0 to 3.0.1. What a royal pain! It meant considerable downloading … Continue reading

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RS-232 Interface for Windows 7: It works!

One of my major frustrations with my new HP Windows 7 box (model p6330f, purchased at Office Depot) is that it simply didn’t want to use my old USB-to-RS-232 dongles. And I have to have the RS-232 to connect my … Continue reading

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My Dunton Gigantic Loop

For years I’ve driven by a mysterious sign that’s just south of Lizard Head Pass on Colorado Highway 145. It says there’s something called Dunton along the road. I tried my street bike on it, but turned around because it … Continue reading

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Tomboy Ghost Town on Imogene Pass

On Friday, August 20th, 2010, I took the motorcycle up over the much-traveled Imogene Pass Road, reported in this post here. As I reported, I went through the Tomboy Ghost Town. These structures have been allowed to fall apart—no work … Continue reading

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NVIS Links from Dave Coombs, KØEUS

Dave Coombs, KØEUS, sends along some valuable links for those wishing to learn more about Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation, or NVIS for short. Fundamentally, this radio propagation mode involves transmitting nearly straight up, usually on a low high-frequency band … Continue reading

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Imogene Pass from Ouray to Telluride

I had trouble with Imogene Pass last summer. One steep spot required three tries, and when I did make it there wasn’t much grace involved. Even though a year has made a difference

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Getting the 80-meter Loop Back in Shape

Hey—after lots of motorcycle posts, here’s one on ham radio. Argh! I have an 80-meter full-wavelength horizontal loop antenna and it came down in some recent winds. It’s fed atop my roof on a short mast, which also holds up … Continue reading

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Uncompahgre Plateau Trails: Spring Creek, Dented Door, Forest Fence, Rim Road, Spring Creek Rim

Finally, finally, we had some rain-free days—enough that I wanted to try the trails up on the Uncompahgre Plateau again. This time I entered from

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