Tomboy Ghost Town on Imogene Pass

Ruin at Tomboy

A ruin at the Tomboy Ghost Town

On Friday, August 20th, 2010, I took the motorcycle up over the much-traveled Imogene Pass Road, reported in this post here. As I reported, I went through the Tomboy Ghost Town. These structures have been allowed to fall apart—no work was done to “arrest decay,” so decay has been entirely unarrested. Shame, really, given how many structures there were.

There’s an explanatory sign that reads:

Tomboy[:] The Tomboy Mine and Savage Basin Camp was located 3000 feet above Telluride. The settlement contained a school, store, stable and the miner’s cabins. The Tomboy started producing quantities of gold ore in 1894 and in 1897 the mine was sole for 2 million dollars. A daily stage ran along this shelf road carrying passengers and mail. Uncompahgre National Forest

Here are more pictures:

Ruined building at Tomboy

I suppose in the Telluride area this might be referred to as a "starter home"!

Mill ruins

The foundation of the mill is all that remains. The small stone structure shown in the top photo appears here at the bottom center.

Odd building

This building appears to have all the makings of a relatively modern composting toilet. But I'd say this one offers no privacy at all! The building can't be more than a couple decades old, given the technology, but the harsh winters here can lay waste to anything.

The foundation of some ruins

A rather impressive building must once have occupied this extensive foundation.

Building foundation

Again, a rather large building must've sat atop this foundation. Note little red brick structure at left.

Red brick building

This is a closeup of the red brick structure shown in the previous photograph. The brick must've been imported, as there is no red soil nearby from which to make red bricks on site. I couldn't discern this structure's purpose.

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