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Best of Collection No. 1

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One Thumb Drive With All Videos Listed Below
$29.95 postpaid anywhere in USA

The following videos are included on the thumb drive, not necessarily in this order. Collection No. 1 contains my most popular videos to date. I hope you enjoy them.

Regarding copyright, I hold the copyright, so please do not download these or make copies. You may watch these in any audience that includes yourself. Feel free to use them in your club meetings and enjoy!

  • AD 73 All About Baluns: I get lots of questions about baluns. This video explores baluns and gives demos. A balun is a device to convert a balanced transmission line to an unbalanced transmission line and vice versa.
  • AD 106 Which is better: Vertical or Dipole?: Vertical or dipole? Which is better for you? Antenna modeling software (EZNEC+) helps answer the question!
  • AD 340 Why is Coax 50 Ohms?: Prompted by a question to Ham Radio Answers, let’s look at why coax cable used in ham radio is generally is 50 ohms characteristic impedance. There really is a reason.
  • AD 352 Learn About Shortwave Listening (SWL) for Beginners: Here’s a beginner’s guide to shortwave listening (SWL), including a bit of history, how to use a shortwave radio (HF radio), and where to find information on what’s out there to listen to.
  • AD 36 How does a J-pole antenna work?: Find out how a J-pole amateur radio antenna works!
  • AD 1 Antenna Analyzers: This week’s episode explores antenna analyzers and things you can do with them, including measuring coax loss, distance to fault (coax length), velocity factor, and trimming a six-meter (52 MHz) dipole for lowest SWR.
  • AD 3 Setting Up Your Home Ham Station: Ask Dave Episode 3, on setting up a ham radio station in your home.
  • AD 7 Antennas for Difficult Situation: This episode explores HF antennas for those with less-than-ideal situations. The video includes three case studies. This video is a follow-on to Ask Dave 3, which describes setting up an amateur radio station.
  • AD 8 Station Grounding for Amateur Radio: This Ask Dave episode focuses on grounding your amateur radio station, a topic of interest to many hams!
  • Amateur Extra 9.1 from over 8 years ago: Basics of Antennas. I dont know why this video is so popular, since it largely just covers vocabulary, but lots of people have watched it!