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Cow Creek: A Best-Kept Secret in Ouray County

The ride took about 40 minutes, but you can do it in only 7 along with my commentary. I sped up most of the video, but the interesting parts (creek crossings) are at normal speed. Cow Creek Road is one … Continue reading

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DeLorme maps: some grumbles

I just updated from DeLorme Topo USA 8 to DeLorme Topo North America. (The name change implies Canada.) The same map appears on my GPS unit as appears on Topo North America. I don’t know where DeLorme gets their road … Continue reading

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First Wildflower of 2011

For all the wildflower junkies out there (which includes me), here’s the very first I’ve seen this season. I found it while out on the motorcycle, checking out a side road, Ouray County Road 906, not far from Colona, Colorado.

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Dirt Riding 2011: Season Opener!

Woohoo! What a beautiful April 1st, and that’s no joke! I spent the morning getting my trusty 2009 Yamaha XT-250 dirt bike ready for the season, checking tire pressures, the spark plug, tightening this and that, checking the chain tension, … Continue reading

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2010 Riding Summary

Reader John Fischer asked for an overview map to help orient those not familiar with the area. Whew! What you see below is it. The map stretches from Silverton at the south to Montrose at the north. I think every … Continue reading

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Silverjack Reservoir: East Fork, Cimarron River

  June 19th, 2010, found me atop my trusty Yamaha XT-250, checking all the side roads in the Silverjack Reservoir (Cimarron, Colorado) area. This post is about the East Fork. The GPS track is here.

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Owl Creek Pass, Colorado

Owl Creek Pass and Silverjack Reservoir were my goals for June 19th, 2010, and I

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Silverjack Reservoir GPS Track with Details

Silverjack Reservoir is a favorite destination in these parts, with easy access for camping, including places to bring in travel trailers. This post provides and describes the GPS track—the photos of Owl Creek are here, West Fork here, Middle Fork … Continue reading

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Durango Silverton Train Leaves Silverton

Railfans, pay notice! Everyone loves the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (DSNGRR), based in Durango, Colorado. During the summer, the company runs several morning trains from Durango to Silverton, and then in the afternoon runs trains returning. This video shows a … Continue reading

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Fall Color along Ouray County (Colorado) Road 5

I thought I’d lead this with a shot of the motorcycle. It’s parked in an unimproved camping spot as far south as one can go on CR 5. The aspens are so tall that standing beneath them makes me feel … Continue reading

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