Ham Radio Videos: What other people think

I’ve received quite a few comments about my Technician, General, and Amateur Extra Class training videos, as well as my “Ask Dave” videos. Some come as comments to posts on this site; others come via YouTube or Facebook or other methods.

24 March 2016, (via About page form), from Dominic,
This evening I took and passed the Extra Class exam. I used three things to help me prepare, the ARRL book, Hamstudy.org, and your excellent videos. I followed your recommendation of watching each of your chapter videos (sometimes twice), reading the chapter, then practicing the questions. This totally worked! Your videos are really great, very professional, and very enjoying to watch. Thank you very much. 73

5 Mar 2016, (via comment), from Jane,
Thanks, Dave! I used all your videos to add to my study for Amateur Extra. The content you illustrated and added was excellent. … I highly recommend using the videos. It takes self study up several notches.

27 Feb 2016, (via letter), from Robert,
It seems that you have taken the complicated and turned it into something simple and easy to understand.

27 Feb 2016, (via email), from Mike,
Your videos are the highest-quality, best-produced, and informative ham radio videos on YouTube. I really enjoy your no nonsense, technically accurate presentation style.

3 Feb 2016, (via YouTube comment), from Craig,
Very nicely done Dave. You have a great way of making difficult concepts easy to understand. Thank you.

7 Jan 2016, (via YouTube comment), from David,
Thanks for this and for all of your very helpful videos. I was away from the hobby for thirty years, and your videos have been key to my happy return.

30 Dec 2015, (via email), from Bob,
Dave, thank you so much for producing these great videos that benefit new hams, people interested in becoming ham radio operators, people planning to upgrade their licenses, or “old timers” like me that have been in RF for long time (about 40 years), but need to catch up and keep up, and REALLY appreciate your friendly, down-to-earth presentation style, and your gift of explaining advanced concepts simply without being condescending.

30 Dec 2015, (via comment form), from Jason,
Thank you once again for the great videos and awesome information. Without your help, I’m sure there are a lot of operators that would have never gotten their license, me included!

27 Dec 2015, (via comment form), from Quin,
Hi, Dave. I just sent you a donation because of your great video work on behalf of the ham community. I’m a retired communication professor and have the habit of evaluating the quality of presentations as much as the content. You’re doing some very good work on both fronts.

24 Dec 2015, (via comment form), from Pete,
Hi Dave, I just wanted to write in and thank you for your fantastic site and ham radio resources: I recently took all three exams in a single sitting and passed them all thanks to your great resources.

26 Nov 2015, (via comment form), from Jim,
Your videos are very well done both with respect to the video production as well as the content. You have a way of making dry content interesting!

Nov 2015, (via YouTube comment), from William,
Dave, as a very new operator, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your videos and how invaluable they have been to me! I am trying to consume as much info as possible and subscribing to your channel has been the top of my “education”.

1 Nov 2015, (via comment form), from Andy,
Dave, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making your videos available . I am a new ham, and am currently studying to upgrade to the General Class. Your videos on the subject have been invaluable to enriching my understanding of the material. Its clear that you’ve put considerable time and pride into their creation, for which I am grateful. Its people like you that make the ham community what it is. 73. Andy

11 Sept 2015, (via comment form), from Pete,
Hi Dave, First off, many thanks for your extremely informative videos introducing the material in the ARRL manuals. I’ve learned a vast amount of information from them and feel well-prepared for my Extra-class exam later this year.

27 Aug 2015, (via comment form), from Sean,
I also would like to say thanks again for all your Ham Videos I would not have passed that Amateur Extra without them. Not only do they help explain the more difficult parts but they motivate you to keep going. Thanks for listening, 73

6 August 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Sean,
Half way! Test is three weeks out! I would have quit already if it wasn’t for these outstanding videos!

31 July 2015, (via email), from Craig,
I can’t tell you how excited I was leaving that test room having passed my exam. When I first set out to start learning about Amateur radio, I must admit, it seemed more than a little daunting. Your videos, demos and overall showcase of knowledge and understanding of the art really come across in a very down-to-earth and accessible manner. It really made studying a lot of fun. Couldn’t have done it without you.

14 July 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Sean,
These videos are a fantastic companion to the book. Thank you very much for making these available to everyone.

12 July 2015, (excerpt via comment form), from Clark,
I just wanted to say thanks for having professional looking, quality videos that teach beyond the rote memorization of the test … and show what you really need to know to be an operator.

11 July 2015, (via YouTube comment), from John,
Hi Dave! Your videos have been invaluable in helping me. I don’t have my callsign just yet, however, I just got my CSCE this morning. Because of your videos, I scored a nearly perfect score. SO the vids cover an older questionpool, yes, but here in 2015, the technical information you passed along was most relevant. I’m so excited! Thanks again. A little assurance to those thinking of testing, DO IT! IT’s easy!

6 July 2015, (via website comment), from Tim,
I really enjoy your videos. I have been a ham now for about 2 years. I love that there are so many aspects of the hobby, there is something for everyone it seems. I have to say your videos are easy on the ears. I love the way you put in the audio after the fact and edit out, and fast forward. So many do not and it makes it hard to watch. Wind noise, fumbling about etc. Your videos are real professional, informative, and fun to watch I hope you keep them coming. … With yours I was anxious to hear it all and now looking for more. Thanks for your hard work in putting out a quality video. KM4GUF

6 July 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Rob,
David, your videos are excellent. I love the excellent video quality and especially the clear, concise and orderly presentation.

5 July 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Sean,
Great videos! I’m studying now for the Extra and these videos are invaluable! Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into making these and furthering Amateur Radio.

23 June 2015, (via YouTube comment), from CharlieMic5,
First I have to say not a great video, it was fantastic! I especially like your emphasis on operator skill not equipment. Your videos helped me pass my technician exam and now I am studying for my general. The learning curve is a bit [steeper] for general. … Thanks again for the videos you are a great spokesman for the hobby. 73

22 June 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Tyler,
You are an excellent teacher. Very clear explanations of hard to grasp concepts.

18 June 2015, (via YouTube comment), from ColdSteelDDS,
Dave, Thanks for all your videos! I just upgraded to Extra and your videos were very helpful. I appreciate the time you spend to make quality videos for all of us.

9 June 2015, (via postal mail), from Mark,
I very much appreciate your consistent and highly organized video presentations. In a time when anyone can make a video, your knowledge, experience, research, preparation and excellent production of the videos make the presentations a unique offering to hams and tremendously valuable. … I successfully used the ARRL license manuals and your videos for exam preparation. This week, I passed my Extra Class exam.

3 June 2015, (via website comment), from Chris,
…your videos resonate with my brain…

15 May 2015, (via website comment), from Jim,
I just aced the General exam and eked out an Extra today! Your videos were extremely helpful – especially the one on complex reactance. I wanted to say thanks! and let you know you’re really making a difference with our ability to advance our skills and our understanding of the material. Keep up the good work … 73 Jim KG7FVO

12 May 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Mark,
With every video, you unravel so many mysteries. You are an excellent teacher!

11 May 2015, (via website comment form), from Chris,
Dave, I can’t thank you enough for the help your training videos gave me and fellow students in the ham class we attended. I passed both my Tech. & General exams this evening! I have already helped others in my class by steering them to your videos and was thanked this evening for doing so when they passed their exams too. You missed your calling you should have been a teacher! I can’t wait to see my call sign. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person some time.

9 May 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Jack,
Just wanted you to know that I passed My Extra Class, this morning. I’m sure you gain a certain satisfaction in getting some feedback on your considerable contribution on YouTube, with regard to Ham Radio. [Yes I do!] You made the difference! My call is N8MKJ, but it will soon change to AC8T?. You truly did help me understand “how it all works!”

7 May 2015, (via YouTube comment), from John,
Thanks for the extremely clear explanation of the dB system, which is particularly useful to me as I study for my general license.

5 May 2015, (via website comment), from Curtis,
I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort that went into those great videos.
I watched them all multiple times. and passed my Extra class exam Last night.

24 April 2015, (via YouTube comment), from David, VK4JDJ,
Thank you, really well done very informative easily understandable, you are a natural teacher, very rare.

9 April 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Jonathan,
Best lecture/teaching guide on the net, period. This, combined with a testing site like hamstudy.org should bring anyone through to passing their general. Extra-special respect and gratitude to David for putting this together. Thanks. KM4HOC.

7 April 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Mark,
This is by far the best explanation of antennas I have ever come across. I’ve learned more from this video than in countless hours of browsing the web. Thank you!!

4 April 2015, (via website comment form), from David,
I stumbled upon your lecture series on antennas because I am an electrical engineer and enjoy re-learning/refreshing ideas that I might not be doing every day. You are doing a great job. Much better than than the usual puffery one finds on the internet. Professional, interesting and to the point. … Thanks for taking the time to put the antenna series online. It is well done, obviously well thought out and is a fantastic review for me.

26 March 2015, (via YouTube), from convair777,
Thanks for your easy (appearing) presentation work. Takes some of the fear and trepidation from the mass of study material. 73, KJ6GUE

25 March 2015, (via comment), from David,
Hi David, just wanted to drop you a note after using your videos and the ARRL EXTRA CLASS MANUAL which I had from the library. I just wanted to say thank you for you and your videos. I just passed my Extra class test this past Saturday 21/March/2015 so just wanted to drop a note of thanks for you and your excellent videos de DAVID KB9EWG/AE

24 March 2015, (via YouTube), from Chris,
Thanks David for taking your time to put together this series. I’ve been attending a class put on by a local club but I haven’t been getting nearly as much info as I am here. Everything is very well presented.

24 March 2015, (via YouTube), from Jesse,
Thank you Dave. I found this video series incredibly helpful. Hopefully I’ll have my tech license to prove its effectiveness in a few weeks!

20 Mar 2015, (via comment), from Gerry,
I passed my Exam exam last Wednesday evening. Your videos were an invaluable tool in helping me prepare for this exam. Thank you for your dedication and support of amateur radio.

17 Mar 2015, (via Google+), from Spence,
Dave, wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your videos! I passed my Extra Class license test tonight and your videos (all of them) have truly helped fill-in the blanks! I know it takes a lot of work behind the scenes (my background is TV in High Ed distance learning settings)… thank you for your time! 73, Spence

16 Mar 2015, (via contact form), from Bill,
Hello and good morning. I just wanted to thank you for your Amateur Extra videos. I passed my exam yesterday and I found your videos to be a valuable resource in understanding some of the materials. I have a background in mathematics, I studied chemical engineering in college, but from lack of use those skills had atrophied and it was helpful to me to have a straightforward review. … I just wanted to say thank you and hope our paths may cross in the future. It seems in careers and hobbies (well, radio and motorcycles, anyway) we have a bit of overlap. 73, -Bill Smith KC1AYE

15 Mar 2015, (via YouTube message), from Len,
I have had an exciting day. Went to Des Moines and took my amateur radio test and passed the technician and general class tests. I wanted you to know your videos were very helpful in my success.

14 Mar 2015, (via email), from Paul,
I took and passed the General exam today. Your online study materials w[ere] an enormous help. Thanks again for taking the time to put it together and for making it available online! Paul, KC7QNA/AG

14 Mar 2015, (via contact form), from Kimble,
I passed my General Class Exam today. Thank you for your helpful videos explaining the complicated stuff in easy to understand terms. Just wanted to express my appreciation for your hard work. I will now start the journey toward Extra Class. Thanks, Kimble Smith KD7KOS

14 Mar 2015, (via contact form), from Gary,
I wanted to write and thank you for your ham radio training videos. I found them a year or so ago when I was asked to teach a Technician class. Your videos were used in conjunction with classroom training by me. Together last year we “birthed” 14 new hams in two Technician classes. Right now I’m teaching a General class course. Chapter 4 is next, and I just saw that you uploaded a new 4.1 video. I realized that this was my opportunity to express thanks for everything you are doing for the ham community. You are making a real impact.
73 and I hope to work you on the air someday. Until then, please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. Gary – W8EEY Greenville, SC

14 Mar 2015, (via YouTube), from Cheddar,
You are a life saver! I’m going into the military to become an ATC and learning HAM before I go in is a big help! These videos are just what I needed! Thank you.

13 Mar 2015, (via contact form), from Peter,
Thank you for taking the time and expense to put together the videos for the general license. They have been very helpful! I had some serious eye gloss overs trying to read the manual alone–now after watching your videos I can understand things much better.

10 Mar 2015, (via comment), from Amos,
Dave, Thanks for creating your ham radio videos. I just passed my Technician test yesterday, and am now studying for the General. Your videos added a visual element that can’t be provided to visual/tactile learners like myself can’t get from a book. Thanks!

Feb 2015, (via YouTube comment), from Motojournalism,
Firstly, let me say this is STAGGERINGLY GENEROUS of you to put out 80-plus videos covering all aspects of the theory and licensing. I appreciate all the work that goes in to video production and it’s great to see all your incremental improvements. Thank you! What a fantastic use of technology.

18 Jan 2015, (via YouTube), from SavvySteve,
Top notch! Your videos are great and this one is no exception. Content, simple, your voice and great post production. Thank you, like others said its good to see you teach the material and not teaching the test or answers! Studying for Extra now! These help fill in the gaps from my Saturday classes and self study. 73 de KK4VZT

13 Jan 2015, (via YouTube), from eflounder,
Dave, I wanted to give you a very big thank you! Getting my radio license has been a absolute dream of mine for years but I only recently started working on my dream. I started with the ARRL study book but I quickly got in over my head, reading the information and understanding it are two very different things. Last week I passed my technician test! Your videos played a big part in helping me pass my test, thank you for making my dream come true. I am still waiting on my call sign, I hope it does not take much longer. I feel like I am waiting on Christmas.

10 Jan 2015, (via contact form), from Zach,
I just got back from my first Ham Fest and taking my technician exam in Marathon, NY. I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for putting your video series together. They were extremely helpful to watch as I made my way through the ARRL book. I passed my exam with a 100% and took a stab at the General test (I didn’t pass it) but I fully intend to watch your video series for that exam in a few months. You’re doing a great thing with your YouTube channel, and I really appreciate it. 73, Zach

26 Dec 2014, (via comments), from Jake,
Hey Dave, Jake, K0LYA here, been studying for a few weeks and on the eve of my exam found your videos. Gordo’s book has been great but burnt out on memorization. Nice for you to explain in depth some of the topics. I am also a life long videographer and appreciate the rise of quality from your first video thru the last. Nice to see more cutaways and b-roll of what you are discussing. I hope I pass my test and talk to you on HF and if you have any video questions feel free to contact me. -73 Jake Zabler [And congrats on your upgrade to General! Thanks for your comments about the production quality. I’m trying to make each video a little better. 73, Dave]

24 Dec 2014, (via comment form), from Cassiano,
I would like to say thanks for all the hard work to build the amateur videos, even not living in US, I used your videos to study and I was able to pass on my HAREC examination here in Ireland. We don’t have multiple license levels, it’s like applying to an extra directly, so it’s supposed to be on the same level as an extra examination, but I can’t say for sure as I never attended an extra examination. Thanks for the christmas gift you gave me, my license. 73 and Happy Holidays EI5HPB – Cassiano Aquino

23 Dec 2014, (via comment), from Tim,
Thank you for your dedication to helping others succeed. It is not common in today’s world. I used many of your videos this spring to help me pass my General test. I am now digging into your Extra Class videos along with the ARRL manual to pass that test. Keep up the great work, I know it’s not easy. Looking forward to the rest of the Extra Videos. 73’s, KC3AZH, Pgh PA.

14 Dec 2014, (via comment form), from Jim,
After years of “someday I’m gonna do that” I buckled down recently and studied for my ticket. Your videos were extremely helpful! I appreciate not only the subject material you present so well, but having done quite a bit of media production, I really appreciate the high production quality of the videos you create as well. This past week, I paid my $15, and passed the technician exam, then passed the general exam, and since I had no reason not to try, I took the amateur extra exam as well, even though I hadn’t studied for that one at all. I didn’t pass it, but I did score 26 out of 50, so I feel like with some study and preparation, I can go back soon and successfully complete that one as well. You can be sure that I’ll be watching you extra series videos, and I’m anxiously awaiting them to be completed. Thanks again. I hope to catch you on the radio one of these days! 73, Jim

14 Dec 2014, (via comment form), from Bob,
Hello Dave, just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed taking your video technician class course on U Tube. I took my exam last night with the Holland Mich. radio club and passed it with a 97%, so now I can get my license and get started. I think your course really helped me, especially the circle “pie charts” to explain the math formulas on how to find voltage, current, etc. etc. I’m going to start in on your General course next. Thanks Again, and keep up the good work! Thanks Bob

14 Dec 2014, (via YouTube comment), from Chris,
I am using your tech series, in an upcoming tech class that I am teaching for my emergency response group that Im the Vice president of. I just wanted you to know that your work is much appreciated and valued.

12 Dec 2014, (via comment), from Andrew,
I passed my Extra today. Thanks for these videos. I look forward to the future sections. You give great insight to the knowledge that I just can’t get out of the book.

3 Dec 2014, (via comment), from Nathan KD8ZLX,
I used your technician videos and they helped me pass the technician test. So I decided to watch your general class videos as well, and achieved the same results. My general license just showed up in the ULS today. Thanks for posting them and being a great elmer.

22 Nov 2014, (via comment), from Jason,
Great videos. I was able to get my tech and then generals with the help of your videos in less then a year and planning on extra next year. My 9 year old son was able to get his tech with your videos as well and hope the wife will follow. thanks alot. jason kd8ymd 73s

14 Nov 2014, (via YouTube), from Loaiza,
Sir, your video lessons assisted me in passing my Technician Exam, and now I am studying to pass my General Exam in December. Thank You, for taking the time to post these videos. I am truly grateful for this work. I have been educated and encouraged by you. Blessings to you sir, you impacted and influenced my life in a most positive manner.

14 Oct 2014, (via comment), from Barrett,
Dave, No questions – just a great big thank you for the vast amounts of knowledge and time you’ve poured into your videos. I sat for the Tech last month, the General last week, and am hoping to have a /AE by tomorrow night. The background and context you provide have served as the latticework that connects the information the ARRL guides provide to the real world. I don’t see the Extra as the finish line, but rather the trail head for what I hope to be a long, curious journey. Thanks again for helping get me there… Hope to bump into you on the air or the trails someday! Barrett / KG5DZD

13 Oct 2014, (via YouTube), from flyman1340,
hey david, i dont usually comment much -but i wanted to say i like your vids! i find them to be very informative and easy to follow you! i think you’re a good teacher :)

12 Oct 2014, (via YouTube), from Malen Soba,
Thank you so much for your videos. They are great. I studied for three days, and took the ARRL’s Pool test of 426 questions. I passed my exam with a perfect score last Sunday, 100514, and received my call name, KM4EWI yesterday, 101114. Needless to say, I am very excited!! LOL!

6 Oct 2014, (via comment), from Gary,
Thank you Dave. Your videos helped me get my upgrade to the General’s License this past weekend. I got a perfect score on the test. I’m going through your Extra class license videos now, hoping to do the same for the next test. Thanks again, 73s, Gary

29 Sept 2014, (via YouTube), from Robert,
Best explanation I’ve ever seen of feed lines, impedance matching, standing wave ratio and antenna tuners.

24 Sept 2014, (via comment), from Bill,
Dave Thanks for the videos!!! I just passed my Tech License on the first try. I used the Arrl book, your videos and Ham Test online. Your videos helped so much I am using them for the General Class as well Thanks again

18 Sept 2014, (via YouTube), from Gary,
Excellent videos, I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you. Call me a nerd, but I love learning this stuff and your videos are awesome, you explain things very well.

15 Sept 2014, (via YouTube), from Rob,
Thank you again! I look forward to seeing your videos! After viewing your videos, a light goes off in my head and I have that aha moment, I get it now!

13 Sept 2014, (via comment), from John,
Hi Dave, Thanks for taking the time to create these tutorial videos. I watched them all and they were very helpful to me. This morning I took the Technicain exam and I passed it. You videos gave me a greater understanding of the material and I will be suggesting your blog to my friends that have yet to take the exam. All the best, John

13 Sept 2014, (via comment), from Nathan,
Just wanted to say thanks for posting these videos. They definitely helped. I passed the technician test this morning. Plan on taking the general test in the next month or so.

12 Sept 2014, (via “Contact Me” form),
Just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the AMAZING job you do on the youtube videos regarding ham radio. Well done!!!!! I am a ham myself, VE3DLL, and have developed a real interest in QRP and desigining and building equipment for that portion of the hobby. Please keep up the great work in these videos. Best Regards from the Great White North 🙂 Dan

8 Sept 2014, (via comment), from Rob,
David, First and foremost, THANK YOU! Your videos are amazing as you do an excellent job explaining things about the Ham subjects and all the different area for each licence level! The ARRL book may not be as easy to understand without seeing visually as you do that on your videos. I look forward to watching your videos after I read the book to get a better understanding and having a clear picture of what is being explained in the book. Thank you, once again! Rob

6 Sept 2014, (via “Contact Me” form), from Randy,
I just wanted to thank you. I used the ARRL Tech Manual along with your vids to study. I ACED the Tech. test and the VE’s at my club suggested that I go ahead and take the General test —- and PASSED! Zero to General in one shot and I have to say that your site was a huge enabler for me to do this. I do have a background in electronics and computers, so that helped, but you are a definite confidence booster and great “explainer” (if that’s a word). Now, I’m on to my studies for Extra. And I will be using your vids! Thanks again. Randy KG5DVA

31 Aug 2014, (via comment), from John:
Hey Dave! Thank you so much for all the great help. I stumbled across your site about a month and a half ago, and after having my Tech for 4 years and never going any further, it inspired me to go further. I watched all your General videos, passed my General last week, and now am going through the Extra videos. They are really great, especially as I am a visual person. Thank you for all the devotion you’ve put in to these, and I hope to catch you on the air!

30 Aug 2014, (via YouTube), from Bill:
I want to thank you for your work on here on beginning ham radio. With the help of watching your videos and a couple of presenters here, and pounding the online exams and manual for 2 weeks until I couldn’t absorb any more regs, rules or formulas, I got my technician license this past Thursday. It took nearly 40 years (I am 50). My grandad was a ham in the 60s, 70’s and up until his passing in the early 80’s. I guess if anything, I have fulfilled something that I have always thought I have owed to him for sparking my interest in amateur radio, and all things science for that matter, all those many years ago. Thanks again for your work and maybe I will hear you on the air. Bill Skriba Mt Pleasant, MI

11 Aug 2014, (via YouTube), from firefighteremt9:
Thanks for all the videos KE0OG! I read the book and watched all your videos and passed the exam yesterday! Only missed 1 question. Hope to catch you on the air!

9 Aug 2014, (via comment), from Brad:
I was looking for a video to help a young lady get her Ham Ticket. Your videos really are the ticket to help those who cannot make it to a Ham Radio Classroom. I have taught several Technician classes over the years and I find these videos nothing short of excellent!! Thank you so very much for your labor on these great videos!

8 Aug 2014, (via comment), from Dan:
Dave, I just wanted to tell you that I found your instructional videos very helpful. I used your videos to supplement the ARRL license manuals while studying for my Technical license and recently my General. I just passed the General test this week. I found that I gained a much better understanding of the material with the videos as compared to just reading the book. It’s really helped me out a lot. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for spending the time to put all of this together. You’ve really done a great thing for helping others get into the hobby.

28 July 2014, (via YouTube), from Becky:
Thanks Dave for taking Ham tutorials beyond teaching the test.

27 July 2014, (via YouTube), from tulius01:
Brilliant explanation I could easily follow you and understand the math you are a great teacher, thank you!

27 July 2014, (via comment), from Steve:
I am looking forward to watching the videos. For you to have done this as a contribution to our hobby is noteworthy. I spent many years in education and I can say that it would have been nice to have something like this for some of my classes.

26 July 2014, (via YouTube), from TradieTrev:
Great job mate! Terrible math teachers in my schooling (perhaps due to my character) always let me down in life. Anyone can teach it differently and you Sir summed it up nicely!

7 July 2014, (via comment), from Andy:
Dave, your efforts are very much appreciated. I especially like your easy to understand format, using your video as a primer before reading the chapter, and then again after if I didn’t quite get it the first time. I passed both the Tech and General last week end, eagerly anticipating my call sign. Picked up the ARRL Extra study guide, please kindly keep the videos coming!!!

June, 2014, (via YouTube), from Bill:
David: Thanks for taking the time to produce all your great videos. Hope to see the upcoming Extra Class Videos very soon. This is very generous of you!

15 June 2014, (via comment), from Keith:
Thanks for posting these WONDERFUL ham radio training videos! I wish that they were around when I was preparing for my Technician and General licenses. I am now using them to prepare for the Extra exam. I don’t have any questions – yet. But, I wanted to let you know that the videos are appreciated. 73 – Keith

4 June 2014, (via comment), from James:
You have a talent for explaining things Sir. Thank you so much for sharing!

2 June 2014, (via comment), from James:
Just wanted to say thanks for all these videos Dave, really enjoyed them! Headed for my exam this weekend and now I feel well prepared.

May, 2014, (via YouTube), from Mark:
Hi Dave. Thank you very much for your general class material. It helped me pass my General class today, I am so excited! First thing I do when I got home was look up what help is available to take my Extra class and here you are again. Again this pleases me and what a wonderful example you hold for the radio world. Thank you again, the time you put in to making the videos helps tremendously!

24 May 2014, (via comment), from Scott:
Thanks for your videos. They have helped me greatly for both the Tech and General license exams. I am now checking every several days for exciting new Amateur Extra Class episodes.

17 May 2014, (via comment), from Tom:
Thanks Dave for the excellent videos and descriptions! Took and passed the Technician test this morning!

14 May 2014, (via comment), from Adam:
Love the work you have done. Your General material helped me upgrade and I’m hoping to use your Extra for as well. Please keep them coming.

8 May 2014, (via comment), from Joe:
I have been viewing your excellent videos for a while now. I have my Extra ticket (2 years ago). I use your videos to refresh my aging mind. It was good to hear that you will be doing the Extra series. I, along with many, many others, look forward to these to study for the exam or to review material again. Ham radio is exciting and a life-long learning journey. Your movies are simply great. I appreciate your efforts and time. Hope to catch you on the air one day, or even in person. 73. Joe.

25 April 2014, (via comment), from David:
Thanks for the excellent instructional videos. I can see that you have gone to a lot of trouble putting together well-produced and informative pieces. Kudos and many thanks. I am a brand new ham, just passed my Technician and using your General series to prepare for that test.

April, 2014, (via YouTube), from Tom:
I like these kind of videos, short, powerful and informative. I appreciate the work that is being put in these vids 🙂 keep it up 😀 73 de ON3UC

4 April 2014, (via comment), from Scott:
Great job on the videos. I’ve been debating working on my extra class for a while now, and after looking at your general class videos, I’m excited to see how your extra class lessons come out. It’s nice to have some videos to knock the cobwebs out of my head lol. Keep up the great work my friend. 73, Scott- KC9WYE

2 April 2014, (via comment), from Tom:
I’m a veteran ham now teaching both a Technician licensing class as well as a General-Extra upgrade class for the Mile High Radio Club in Idyllwild, California, high on Mt. San Jacinto. This is not our first class but this is the first time your excellent on-line videos have been incorporated into the class. Thank you for making all your hard work available; the videos are right on the money.
73, Tom Pierce K8EBR

16 Mar 2014, (via comment), KV4WV said:
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your ham radio video series. I am very happy that I found your videos on YouTube. You helped me to achieve my Tech license in November and my General license in January. I also upgraded to Extra two weeks ago. I like how you summed up each chapter section and provided very good visuals to help me understand the concepts behind the terminology. I had no knowledge about electronics, radio, or antennas before I began my amateur radio journey. Now I have the highest amateur class, a great understanding about capacitors, inductors, and resistors, and I have made my first Slim-Jim antenna. I have gained so much appreciation for amateur radio that I have pursued becoming a VE and eventually teaching a free radio basics course at the local community college. Thank you and please keep up the good work!

13 Mar 2014, (via comment), Jim said:
Your lectures are wondrous! I just sat for and passed my Technician and General exams after using your videos as my main study aid. My only question is when are you going to create a series for the Extra Class? Thanks, Jim [Jim, I’ve started the series. Click here.]

3 Mar 2014, (via comment), James said:
I used your study videos and QRZ study test to retune my brain to Ham Radio. I was licensed as a novice in 08/1977; up graded to General class 03/1979; moved to Calif. in 1991. Worked shift work away from home for the Utility company till 2005; finally got relocated to Texas 2013. Was in active for about 23 years. Your videos and this new fangled thing called a PC has made the relicense process fairly painless. Passed my new General License on 03/2014 with a grade of 100%. Thanks for the help and I’ll recommend your web site to anyone that wants to become a ham. WD5FHY

March, 2014, (via YouTube), Kevin said:
I would like to take the time to say thank you for the technician and general class amateur radio study videos. Your videos helped me get my tech license a year ago, and next week I will be trying for my general class license. Once again a big thank you from Kevin KK4KKX. 73s!

February, 2014, (via YouTube), Dana said,
Brilliant demonstration on phase changes regards amplification & attenuation of RF signals off of antenna arrays. Engineers & many ARRL publications have a tendency to “talk over heads”. You present demonstrations that help people understand subject matter that can be very difficult to conceptualize. It takes a lot of effort to put together a video that addresses the subject rather than just states “good luck”… in your studies…Most of us do not have enough luck to go around….73..Dana KD9AIA

3 Feb 2014, (via comment), Obed said:
Thank you, for posting the technician instructions videos. It was a helpful tool in my studies and I was able to pass the technician license exam….I was wondering if you would be able to post a video demonstrating on how to setup a basic ham radio station.

2 Feb 2014, (via comment), Denis said:
I found your videos to be extremely helpful!. I am currently taking the ‘Technician’ Class
license, and ‘General’ class license exams [are] on 02-13-14. I cannot thank you enough for your
“Elmer” assistance. P.S. Dave, you are truly an inspiration!

27 Jan 2014, (via comment), Chad said:
I very much appreciate the time you took to make these videos. After being in the IT field for around 18 years I decided to add a hobby and study for my technician exam. I’m very much a novice in the electrical, frequencies, etc field and if there is anything below a novice, that is me. I’m studying along in the book while watching your videos. They have helped a great deal.

19 Dec 2013, (via comment), Don, KE7AVV said:
Just wanted to say Thanks for making these videos. The format and explanations are great! I’ve had my Tech for nearly ten years and wanted to upgrade before it was time to renew. Your videos are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for all of your time, knowledge, and kindness involved in the making and sharing of these valuable (and much appreciated) training videos!

13 Nov 2013, (via LinkedIn): Thomas said:
Great videos on Youtube. I just passed my Technician’s exam, and am preparing for my general license. Your videos are a huge help as a study guide with the ARRL book. Thomas, KK4VBY

17 Oct 2013, (via Google+): Paul said:
Hi Dave, A big thanks for your technician study videos, they were a big help in preparing for the exam. Now that the FCC is back to work I finally got my callsign today. I am Paul, KG7FTX out of Payson UT. Hope to catch ya on the air someday. Cheers! and 73!

14 Oct 2013, (via YouTube): Johnathan said:
In the army, my Lieutenant made me the radio guy for our platoon and told me to go learn Radio theory and stuff about HF radios. Your videos are very helpful in me trying to get this HF radio to work at night with a directional antenna that looks like they bought from radio shack store or pulled off some speakers.

14 Oct 2013, (via YouTube): M1NDCON7ROL said:
I can really tell that you have true love for the hobby. It’s guys like you, Dave, that are inspiring me to get my technicians license. Thank you!!!

20 Sep 2013, (via YouTube): KU4UV said:
Great videos David, many new ham operators need to hear the basics. I have a twin brother who is also a ham, and I will never forget the first time he hooked up his 10 meter mobile rig in the car and started calling CQ, without checking to see if the frequency was clear, only to be greeted with, “The frequency’s in use here!”

20 Aug 2013, (via YouTube): David said:
Thanks for posting this series. I got my Tech. when I was 26 (2003), and was active for a while. Over recent years, I have maintained my license, even got to Extra, but haven’t been on the air too much. Hopefully that will be changing soon! I am glad I stumbled across your series, as I’d like a bit of a refresher of the concepts. Hopefully I will work you sometime on CW if you do that sort of thing. 73, DE KC9EHQ

15 Aug 2013, (via YouTube): hooness said:
Well done Dave, a great teaching aid thank you, even though I am a Licenced radio Ham it`s very useful..

11 Aug 2013, (via YouTube): Jerry said:
Dave, I want to say thanks as personally as this comment section allows for all the work and care you’ve put into these teaching videos. I used your Technician Class videos as a resource over a month ago and I have been a Technician now for just over 30 days! I am KD0WDC with a Yaesu FT-60R handheld transceiver halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. I am moving on to General Class now and will use your videos once again. 73!

6 July 2013, (via YouTube): Lee said:
Thank you for your outstanding videos. They have helped me a lot! You have taken a lot of time and effort to put them together and they are an invaluable resource to us newbies!LDS too!

7 June 2013, (via YouTube): RandomOpinion2 said:
Wow! Your videos look great! Later in mid-june, I am going to begin studying for the general license. Right now I am working on the technician. I think your videos might just convince me to get the book… I hope to be watching you soon! Keep those videos coming! :))))))

26 May 2013, (via YouTube): Stanleys201 said:
Hello Dave, I used my ARRL Tech manual and your videos in preparation for my tech exam and passed, Thanks. My goal is to obtain General and Extra class licenses this year. Will you be making Extra videos in the future? 73 [Yes, I’ll do Amateur Extra Class videos after finishing the General Class series.]

16 May 2013, (via YouTube): Willinuxxx said:
Used your videos as a study guide/chapter intro for the Tech exam and passed! Not just known as Willinuxxx anymore, but KB1ZTM. Will be using the same process to study for the General. Your videos really making reading the book much smoother, at least for me. Thanks again…73

5 May 2013, (via comment): Steve said:
…I wanted to thank you for your Tech License study video series. I passed my Tech license exam tonight and it was in part due to your explanations on the covered topics in the video series. The videos made learning the material so much easier. I am not one for just memorizing the answers, I wanted to know the hows and whys. I am going to order the General Class Study Guide and get started with your videos so I can take my exam for the General Class next month. Thanks again for the awesome videos and website. – Steve

1 May 2013, (via YouTube): Mochaboy said:
Appreciate you taking the time to put out this series. I’ve read the RF manuals and they make my eyes bleed with all the jargon but you have a talent for making some very complex concepts easy to understand. Going to make my way through your videos slowly 🙂

22 April 2013, (via comment): Larry said:
Your videos are great. I am using them as supplemental material for my Technician Class training. They really help the student.

13 April 2013, (via comment): Ron said:
I passed the general test this last Thursday. I have used both your technician and general websites to aid in preparing for my test three days ago. You really helped me to grasp the concepts and make sense of a lot of information. Your tech posts applied to many of the the general concepts that I have not retained in memory.

9 April 2013, (via comment): Craig said:
I’ve been following your YouTube very close for both the technician, which I took and passed and now I’m working on my general still watching your YouTube videos. they’re great they have help me tremendouly. want to thank you so much for doing those.

8 April 2013, (via YouTube): Willinuxxx said:
Watched every intro video. It was a good primer for each section. All set to take the exam on 4/17/13 in Milford, CT. Wish me luck! You are the “Youtube Elmer!” 73

4 April 2013, (via comment): Andy said:
Hi Dave! Stumbled upon your videos while browsing reviews on handhelds and just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for taking the time to do these. I just bought the ARRL guide and I’m using your videos as a supplement to my study for the technician license. Appreciate all the effort you put into helping this community grow.

29 March 2013, (via comment): Leelee said:
Just want to thank you for these videos. I just cannot tell you how much it has helped me understand how ham works. I have my technician license and am preparing for the General but I know so little how to use it. Thanks again! KJ6KFM

29 March 2013, (via comment): John said:
Dave, a great refresher for me (KI6DRB…not very active) and, for my son, the videos are very useful tools for him to work toward his technician license. Much appreciated! John G Northern California

23 March 2013, (via comment): Art said:
Making it look easy. I’m studying for my General ticket within the next few months. Thanks for a great job. Looked at some of the videos. Great work. Can’t wait to sit down and go through them along with the book and hit the test. 73 KI4OYV Hermitage, TN

22 March 2013, (via comment): Dwayne said:
I am have only just started getting back into Ham Radio after a 10 year absence. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do these videos, they are really helpful and make things a lot less intimidating. My daughter is studying for her Tech lic, she is 12 and is also watching your vids. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing you and your group finish the General lic vids, and also eventually catching up with you on the air. 73′s!

18 March 2013, (via comment): Craig said:
By the way, your video for the Tech were a huge help to me, I aced the test. I’m now starting the General walk. I have watched the first 3 video’s so far. Tx, Craig KG7BMV

12 March 2013, (via YouTube): Tenn said:
Completed series beginning to end. Much appreciation for the visual aid. This reaches out to different learning styles, such as myself. I like how you briefed each section, but left the actual “work” up to the pupil in this matter. I take my test on 3/30/13. I feel more comfortable now that I’ve been able to tap this resource. Thanks alot, KE0OG.

28 February 2013, (via comment): Jan said:
Hey Dave! Got my General tonight and just wanted to thank you for the videos — they were a good addition to the book, the “Elmernars” I’ve attended and the good, real-time course I took here locally. The videos explained things I was stuck on in a slightly different way — and that helped. Gotta admit, this stuff was harder for me than the Technician — but I did get it. The VEs were all smiles so I think I scored pretty well. Thanks again for all your hard work! Jan

24 Feb 2013, (via YouTube): MrMrhello827 said:
Thank you for taking the time to show people this. Now studying for my General Class licence. Very helpful.

14 Feb 2013, (via comment): John said:
Dave, I know you have spent many hours, days, weeks making this video training available for us beginners. I am 81 years old and only now studying for my first Technician license and your presentation has made the task enjoyable and easier. I’m still as active as when I was 40, so I can climb up and build my Antenna when I’m ready. Thanks ! John Hughes

10 Feb 2013, (via comment) Bob said:
Hi Dave, Thanks for the videos. They are very, very helpful. Got me thru some difficult topics. We appreciate all the hard work you put into making them. Bob KB0KXL, Ft. Lupton, CO

9 February 2013, (via Facebook) Jack said:
If you or someone else is studying for their license, I wholeheartedly recommend Dave’s video training series. This is an awesome resource taught by one of best ham radio mentors around…. Check out the informative series he has put together.

13 January 2013, (via YouTube) Tim said:
Hello Mr. Casler. My name is Tim and I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post your ham radio lessons on here. They helped me a lot during my studies and I just passed my technician class exam last week. My call sign is KG7AOD. Hopefully one day I will meet you on the air. 73

30 December 2012, (via comment) Nathan said:
Thank you for doing your video presentations for the Technician Class Ham License. Just finished watching all of them and it really has helped me to better understand what Ham Radio is all about.

13 December 2012, (via comment) Tanya said:
Can’t wait for more General Class videos. They really help explain some things. Some times you just need a person to tell you how it is. Good work.

5 December 2012, (via comment) Howard said:
I’m trying to break into the ham radio hobby. In my research, your youtube videos have been most helpful. I really appreciate the valuable time you took to put the videos together out of the kindness of your heart. I’m wondering if I may e-mail you a few questions I have about ham radio equipment. [Yes, absolutely! Use the contact page here.]

1 Dec 2012, (via YouTube) user “biloxicoast” said:
I am enjoying your videos. I can’t wait for 4.1. [4.1 is now available—see the list toward the bottom of this page.]

30 October 2012, (via YouTube) user “korn akopia” said:
Hi Dave! Just passed my Tech exam, wanting to study for the General. Taking your classes. Starting on this one, will follow your webiste as well. I noticed that the tech videos are complete, but are you working on the rest of the general? Thanks for your time with this and being a Elmer! 73! [The General Class videos are in work. Keep checking ke0og.net/general.]

26 October 2012, (via comment) Dick J said regarding General Class video 2.3:
Great job Dave, you have such a talent to present the info in an easy format to understand. BTW, I love the background, nice touch to your video, snow already on the peaks I see. Dick, 73’s, KA1VEI

16 October 2012, (via comment) Chris F. said:
I really appreciate the videos you created for the Technician License. I passed my class and I’m up and running! My call sign is KD0THV. Thanks so much, talk to you soon and 73!

30 August 2012, (via YouTube)
Dave, you and your cohorts make YouTube worth watching. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise! I’m studying for my General as we speak.

1 August 2012, (via YouTube)
I just learned a ton of great info there, thx!! 73

9 July 2012, (via comment) Randy L. commented:
Thanks for this series. I’m just going for General, and appreciate getting the material in as many different formats as possible. 73

6 July 2012, (via comment) Larry L. commented:
Thank you for your videos. I am refering all of my students to your web site. They are short and to the point. THANK YOU! Very well done. 73’s N7RGW

2 July 2012, (via comment) Jim commented:
Dave, Thank you for the supplemental videos on YouTube, to assist me in studying for my technician license. It certainly has been appreciated. Jim

29 May 2012, (via comment) Richard N. commented:
Dave, I have just earned my Tech. I liked your videos above and was wondering if you have other videos on the General prepared yet? Thanks for your hard work. R. [Richard, they’re in work, a little at a time! — Dave]

20 May 2012, (via comment) Steve P. commented:
Dave, Thnx for your video series, it brings the ARRL material to life. My sons and I are studying for the
Tech. ticket, but I plan to take both Tech. and General tests while at the test center. Great live demo’s with Lew on the air. I encourage your work on the General series.

13 April 2012, (via Facebook) Jack C. commented:
These are excellent! I recommend these videos for those of you trying to upgrade.

13 April 2012, (via YouTube), Randy commented:
Dave, I have watched a few of your videos. Nice going. You have put a lot of time into producing all the training videos. Hopefully guys are getting the tickets or help with the various sections of the license manual from watching your videos. I’m thinking about putting together a video with sources of info about getting your first license. I would like to mention and link to you. Also ARRL, Gordon West, I think Jerry KB0BIK has an audio podcast about getting your license. Keep up the good work. Randy

9 April 2012, (via YouTube) goldieboy09 has made a comment on Ham Radio General Class License Introduction:
thanks for the great video and the great info.i watched your entire tech.vid series as well as gordos book and only got a few wrong.i am KB3YJO.i am saving up for the book you showed.
much respect and 73,KB3YJO,davy

8 April 2012, (via YouTube) MrDarkJester has made a comment on Exam Preparation:
Thanks for the series of videos Dave. Should have my Tech and General manuals delivered from Amazon tomorrow. Going to be studying to take both exams on April 21st if I can, as the next scheduled testing in my area after that is late June and I don’t want to wait that long. If all goes well I’ll take my Extra test when June rolls around. 🙂 Looking forward to getting involved with HAM, it sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

23 March 12 by Billy C. (via comment)
WOW! this is great! I have been trying to figure out how to study the ARRL manual and found your video. Thanks for making the video.

4 March 2012 by Kevin M. (via comment)(Exerpt)
Dave thanks so much for such a good resource! Just a little background about me, I’m a college senior, and was reading a book on Monday (Feb 27) and decided to get my amateur radio license and GMRS license. I found that a test would be given in my area on Saturday (March 3) and decided to go for it. Five days of study later, and I’ve passed my Technician exam, thanks to your videos, and other online resources.

23 February 2012 by Cory B. (via comment)
Great videos!

9 February 2012 (via YouTube) pcjsleader has made a comment on Lesson 7.3 Bands and Privileges:
Thank you. Even though it was in front of my eyes it was hard to understand until explained.

7 February 2012 (via YouTube) tjbewick has made a comment on Ham Radio Technician Class License Course Chapter 1:
Wow, what a great set of videos! Going through hem with my son who wants to get licensed, Thanks for doing these. I will let other know of them. 73, Tom N2BEW

6 February 2012 by Michael D. (via comment)
Thank you, Dave, for making these very useful videos available. You are still well remembered here in the Boulder Amateur Radio Club (BARC). Your efforts are also remembered in developing the Louisville hams net and storehouse net, both of which remain quite active, more than 10 years later.

31 January 2012 by Dan S. (via comment)
Thanks.. Do you have a similar tutorial for the material for the General exam? [Response: Yes, coming. See here.]

5 January 2012 by Mitch F. (via comment)
Dave, I just wanted to encourage you to continue on this project. I’m studying for my first license at this point and take the test on January 20. Your videos are great compliments to my study material and really give some practical visual cues to the text and the website that I’ve been using. Please keep up the good work.

23 December 2011 by Terry M. (via comment)
Beautiful and VERY well done! You always were good at this. Really nice to see it on the net!

4 December 2011 (via YouTube) TheLaffertys has made a comment on Ham Radio Technician Lesson 3.2 Components and Units:
These videos are wonderful! I am understanding things much easier with your lessons and demonstrations. Keep up the awesome work!

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  1. Rob Davidson says:


    First and foremost, THANK YOU! Your videos are amazing as you do an excellent job explaining things about the Ham subjects and all the different area for each lience level! The AARL book may not be as easy to understand without seeing visually as you do that on your videos. I look forward to watching your videos after I read the book to get a better understanding and having a clear picture of what is being explained in the book. Thank you, once again!


  2. Andy M says:

    Dave, your efforts are very much appreciated. I especially like your easy to understand format, using your video as a primer before reading the chapter, and then again after if I didn’t quite get it the first time. I passed both the tech and General last week end, eagerly anticipating my call sign. picked up the ARRL Extra study guide, please kindly keep the videos coming!!!


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