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(You may have been directed here from You’ve landed on my ham radio home page. I’m KEØOG, an Extra-Class ham radio operator. I’m active on HF, 2-meters, and 440 MHz. I use this page as an index to ham-radio-related material on this site.

What is ham radio? Watch this video from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Current Geomagnetic Conditions for HF Bands

This chart shows various geomagnetic indicies and what the sun looks like now. These indicies show what HF propagation is like right now. You can use data like this to help you find a good HF band for operations. You can refresh this page to get the latest data.

Courtesy Paul, N0NBH,

Becoming a ham radio operator

How I do it (which will be different from the way you do it, but it’s sometimes nice to have something to compare to)

Getting on HF with your General Class License – a look at station necessities

Special Techniques

Computer Issues


On-the-air Activities on the Colorado Western Slope

LDS (Mormon) Church ham-related activites

220 Responses to My Ham Radio Home Page

  1. Hi Dave,
    I just wanted to thank you and let you know that thanks in a large part to your videos, I got my Technician license on October 10 2020, then my General license on October 23 2020 and my Extra class license today November 8, 2020.

    Thanks again for your great videos. I also really enjoy your reviews and am using them to help me decide what to include in my new station build.

  2. JG says:

    Hi Dave,

    Got a Balun (Transformer) question.

    Working with 43ft unbalanced vertical HF antenna. It came with a Balun Transformer with 2 62pf capacitors in series. I need to replace the capacitors. My question is since this is really not an electrical transformer does capacitors in series still work the same so 2 62pf capacitors give me 31pf, or does it work differently and add to 124pf?

    I ask this because I assumed it worked the same as electrical but when I compared putting 100pf+100pf+150pf+150pf in series to come out with 30pf it did not work as well as a single 150pf capacitor. I found this odd. 62pf capacitors are hard to find, thats why I used so many capacitors on the first try.

    However, neither combination would allow me to get swr low enough to tune on 80 meters, yet originally the 2 62pf capacitors did tune on 80.

    I have found their is little information on balun transformers so I appreciate any info.

  3. dcasler says:

    I’m not familiar with the Ringo antenna. I’ve seen them but haven’t studied them. I can’t say if they’re electrically equivalent but I think probably not.

  4. Larry says:

    Hi Dave
    N1URE here. Question on an antenna design. Is a Ringo style antenna electrically the same,as a j-pole? Thanks for your thoughts. Larry

  5. Glen Martin N0QFT says:

    I have been working with a journeyman electrician to put in the underground transmission line, the grounding electrodes or ground rods and the wire connections for bonding.
    I am using 2 inch PVC conduits with right angle bends of steel conduit to avoid cutting holes in the conduit at the bends when using string or rope- the steel conduit is not cut like the PVC, so less chance of getting water and soil into the conduit.
    Some had suggested drilling holes in the PVC conduit and placing the conduit over gravel to drain water from the conduit. Doing this would allow soil and water to enter the conduit and plug it. The conduit is there to easily replace the transmission line without digging another trench.
    When bonding, you said cad weld was not the best method for making connections. Why is this, and what do you suggest?

  6. Jeff Wittern says:

    Hi Dave,
    I could not get the normal Ask Dave page to work so hope you see this here.
    I just bought an Hy Gain AV 640 and I was wording if I can tune it while it is still on the saw horses. going to be a pain to get up and then have to take it dow again to tune.
    Thanks for all you great advice. Look forward to the live streams on Thursday and Saturdays.
    All the best,
    Jeff Wittern KE0KRO

  7. Mike says:

    Can you speak to our club
    Please call me to work out details

    thank you in advance for considering us

    Mike sage

  8. dcasler says:

    Yes, likely it will work file if it’s about 36 inches in radius or so. A smaller plate should also work.

  9. John C. Arcuri -KC2AGT says:

    Dave, brought a piece of brite stainless steel to use for a ground plane and a mag mount ant.
    I find the magnet dosnt stick to this steel well, and only a slight improvement in match. Can this non magnetic plate still act as a ground plane?

  10. david Archer says:

    I have the same antenna turner . Sometimes when I tune my antenna, the antenna knob well be on 3 ( for instance) and the transmitter knob well be on 5 or 6 why is that? should the antenna ,and transmitter knob be on the same number ??

    good on QRZ

  11. KF0AJH says:

    Dear Dave,
    I am studying for the General License and appreciate your videos.
    I want to study and experiment with auto patch and phone patch. Please let me know if there are any sources of information, links, etc. I want to learn how it works and what is required.
    Must this be done by repeater?
    How can I use a satellite for this function?
    As I often live in an RV outside normal telephone service, I want to learn about this for safety and security. Meaning very occasional use.
    I also would like to use satellite or any means to use internet by ham radio. Please recommend a resource of information if you know any.
    Thanks for any help.
    Paul C. KF0AJH
    P.S. I am now in CO, where might I connect with you by radio?

  12. says:

    Hi Dave,
    I sure enjoy your amateur radio YouTube video series.
    By way of furthering the art, I offer a cautionary note regarding the IC-7300, and damage possible from mis-steps involving use of the PTRX-7300. You may want to look at this interesting FB posting and its comments section, where the poster explains How his radio was damaged:
    Cheers & 73
    //Mike W7MDH

  13. Art Lewis says:

    I know you have answered this in the past but I did not pay attention because there was no need for me at the time. Things have changed. What cameras and microphone do you use for your live streams. I really enjoy them and have learned a lot. Good luck with your flying.

  14. dcasler says: is a web address not an email address. Click here: and fill out the form.

  15. clem kb3vay says:

    Dave I have tried to send an email to you but I keep getting put in a proper address I have put I and it doesn’t work

  16. Jon says:

    Hi Dave, I was wondering if maybe you knew the answer to this and would tell me. I’ve got Windows 10 and a Boufang v9. Ive also got an Icom Ic 7300. Ive got to download a usb port driver for my Icom to work with my PC. Your video for Chirp and Boafeng states I need a driver downloaded with a red cable I already have. Will my Icom driver work.
    Thanks for you time. I’m “Jon” KD4LPH 73’S

  17. Mike Haslip says:

    Hi Dave,
    Two quick things-
    1) Thank You for your great YouTube videos- you have an amazing gift for teaching.
    2) An anecdote: You give a shout-out reference in video #110, Antenna Modeling, about Ward Silver’s “Antenna Modelling for Beginners” book, and opine that it’s expensive at $34 but worth it. If you still have your copy, lock it up! I tried to order one tonight (based on your always reliable recommendation:-) and found the book’s out of print at ARRL. Used copies on Amazon & eBay are going for $85 to $130 now. You’ve got your hands on a rare classic asset:-)
    Cheers & 73
    //Mike W7MDH

  18. Stephen Reading says:

    HI Dave. My call is G4LD -licenced in 1981 in Dartmouth, South Devon,England in 1981. At that time I operated HF SSB/CW using a pair of Trio 599 Custom(M) specials. I also had a Yaesu FT290R working the RS Series of Satellites. I went QRT in 1986 for a private reason but returned to the hobby in 2017. Trying to catch up with technology has been a real task. I now operate HF, VHF and UHF – Yaesu Ft450D and a Yaesu FT991A. I use a OCFD Windom 80 through 6m and with a 4 element beam in a fixed position about 20 feet above ground. I have discovered your Ask Dave U-Tube series and I find them interesting and helpful particularly as you are a very good presenter with a great reasonant voice. This note is just to say hello

  19. Joseph Dupree says:

    Good morning Dave,

    I hope things are well. I just got my Tech License a month ago, before everything got locked down. I am really enjoying talking with the local Hams around my area when I am at work. However, I live a little too far away to reach the repeater from inside my garage. I would like to try a make a J-pole antenna, to help my handle reach the repeaters. I have seen people make the j-pole out of the 300 Ohm Twin lead, can I make j-pole from 12 gage household electric wire or 16 gage low voltage wire? I have more than enough of both to make one in my garage, or does it need to be Twin lead?

    Joseph KO4CWF

  20. David Yates says:

    Good morning/afternoon, I have a question I got technition license some years ago in California but recently have moved to Florida. And am considering getting back into to ham radio and get my general so my question in your opinion which band would you say is the most reliable coast to coast??.. Dave Yates KJ6JVW 73

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