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(You may have been directed here from You’ve landed on my ham radio home page. I’m KEØOG, an Extra-Class ham radio operator. I’m active on HF, 2-meters, and 440 MHz. I use this page as an index to ham-radio-related material on this site.

What is ham radio? Watch this video from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Current Geomagnetic Conditions for HF Bands

This chart shows various geomagnetic indicies and what the sun looks like now. These indicies show what HF propagation is like right now. You can use data like this to help you find a good HF band for operations. You can refresh this page to get the latest data.

Courtesy Paul, N0NBH,

Becoming a ham radio operator

How I do it (which will be different from the way you do it, but it’s sometimes nice to have something to compare to)

Getting on HF with your General Class License – a look at station necessities

Special Techniques

Computer Issues


On-the-air Activities on the Colorado Western Slope

LDS (Mormon) Church ham-related activites

266 Responses to My Ham Radio Home Page

  1. Hailey Allen KF0IPQ says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your videos.
    I just passed my Extra exam October 1st 2022.Your videos helped a lot.I knew nothing about Ham radio as of 10 months ago.I passed my tech March 2022 the general June 4th 2022.

    Thank you again KF0IPQ
    Cherokee ks.

  2. GREGORY YOUNG says:

    I am an american retired to the Philippines, I been hear sense 2007.
    I was looking foreward to being DX ,but todate I have not made any
    contacts at all.
    Not one! I know about the sun spot cycle but dam!
    My gear at present: SX-110, MFJ -9020 & 9420, G1M and a Yaesu
    FT-757 SX2 not the gx2.
    Its is a 10 watt unit.
    I tryed many antennas with all poor responce, what can I do?

  3. Karl Kaucher, KK4KRK says:

    Dave, there was a question on tonights live stream about using a surpliced microwave antenna for 2 m. I believe you were mistaken in stating that an old DIRECTV antenna could not be used for 2 m.

    Take a look at this from John Portune, W6NBC:

  4. Ethan Harward says:

    Hi my name is Ethan Harwad. I am new to cb and I am am trying to put new channels in to my BTECH uv-25×2 radio and I can’t figure it out. I was wondering if you could help me out?

  5. Gregory says:

    Hi Dave
    I git my novice license in 1982. (KB4BIH)
    I worked a lot of cw. I also listened to nets and people talking on other frequencies.
    I was then inactive for quite some time. In the 90s I found my intrest agan and helped my wife get licensed.
    I was wondering about 20m. Back in the day 20m was refered to as 2 gallon alley. I have
    searched on the internet and haven’t found anything referencing 20m to this. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on this.
    Greg. N4IA

  6. Dave Colarossi says:

    Excellent videos and info. Thank you very much! From Pittsburgh Pa/ the home of the worlds first commercial radio station- KDKA 1020khz.

  7. dcasler says:

    I don’t know enough about that rig to really say. It’s designed to have two separate antennas. You can check in the manual to see if there’s a menu item to just use one antenna jack.

  8. dcasler says:

    Yes, you need radials. It sounds like you’re referring to the HF6V antenna by Butternut, now DXEngineering. If the base is elevated, then you need two radials for each band, each tuned to 1/4 electical wavelength. The antenna will not work without radials.

  9. dcasler says:

    Richard, I replied separately. Right now I’m not taking speaking engagements. Maybe later this year.

  10. Richard G Paige says:

    Good afternoon Dave,

    I am the hamfest chair in Longmont, CO. Would you like to speak at a short forum on
    April 2nd? We would love to hear from you, subject, your choice!

    Dick Paige

  11. Richard Emmerich says:

    Kj4fef Rich Hi Dave I would be lost with out your website. I have a Yaesu ft991a and would like to hook it up to my mfj uhf,vhf,hf vertical antenna I see duplexers out there but would this be the proper way too hook up the radio. I also have heard that you should use a diplexer the only ones i can find are for cable TV. 73’s Rich

  12. Gary F Swann KA8AUJ says:

    Dave really like your videos thank you. I have a question. I now have same antenna you mention you have, Butternut HV 6 Vertical about 40 feet at top / at base abt 20 feet, with Kenwood TS 590 and 100 watts. This time I installed the counter poise on this antenna without the 4 radials comes with antenna. It is mounted on a metal post beside my drive way back yard and into my station on 2nd floor my home apron 30 feet apart.
    In my earlier years ( Novice in West Virginia 1978) I had earlier versions same antenna mounted on top our house up abt same as now did very well got WAS and WAC as novice with CW. With a 100 watt Tempo One rig. But using the 4 wire radials came with antenna.
    Now I am General class, in Toledo Ohio wondering which is better the counter poise or the radials ? Can use radials and counter poise ? I seem remember better results when I was Novice – is it just current conditions air waves. Id like work DX again but dont hear a lot even out Canada and were very close. Heard a station from South Africa last week evening but couldnt get through pile up and obviously worked Africa before getting my WAC I have everything well grounded and measurements good SWRs.
    A little frustrated, I just purchased the ZS6BKW/G5RV dipole thinking putting it up in spring.
    Can you give some insight / feedback
    Thanks. Gary Swann KA8AUJ

  13. Henry Zawadzki says:


    Just listened to your Learn About SWL video on YouTube. Great job! Im just. Getting into ham radio after a quarter century and am playing catch. Although I knew everything you taught, I was impressed with style and content.

    To your continued success in Elmering.


  14. David Gregory says:

    Dave, I have a question regarding grounding. I have listened to several of your videos regarding the subject of grounding. However, I have read that an additional grounding rod attached to your radio equipment is a no ,no. I have the ground that is attached to all electical outlets in the house. Their point was that an additional grounding rod attached to your equipment was against National Electrical Codes. Is this true? If so why? I thank you in advance for your comment.

  15. dcasler says:

    Dave, they are available now on the ARRL website at Look under the “On the Air section. You must be a member of ARRL to get to these. The page on my website at has updated links to take you to the right place, but you need to login to first.

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