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Amateur Extra Videos on Thumb Drive

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Thank you for your continuing support! My videos are freely available to watch on my channel on YouTube. I’m delighted when viewers find my videos helpful. Many viewers want to provide something financially to help the channel.

How to Support Ham Radio Answers Financially

Tip Jar: Toss something in the tip jar! You can send any amount you’d like as a tip starting at US$1. I use PayPal as the worldwide payment processor, so I never see your credit card or PayPal details. Each “tip” is US$1 and you can select as many as you like. Common amounts are $1, $5, $10, and $20. Some are as generous as $50 and the biggest to date has been $200. Click here to go to the Tip Page. Top

Patreon: Patreon is a place for supporting creative people. A Patreon pledge makes you a continuing supporter. Become a Patron!You can designate a selectable amount of money each month by clicking here. You can send me $2, $5, or $10 each month, which makes you a patron of Ham Radio Answers. If you sign up for $5/month, your name and brief bio is listed on this page, and if you contribute $10/month, your photograph is included too. You can stop this payment at any time, of course. Many people find Patreon very convenient, as you sign up just once, and support your favorite creative types (I hope you think I’m creative!) every month until you want to stop. Top

Amateur Extra videos on Thumb Drive: The jump from General to Amateur Extra is considerable, and many people have asked that the Amateur Extra videos be made available on a thumb drive. It takes a 64 GB thumb drive to hold them all. I started putting these on USB 2.0 thumb drives to save expense, but now the 2.0 thumb drives are disappearing from store shelves, so the latest batch has been on USB 3.0 thumb drives, which are backward compatible with 2.0. I sell these thumb drives loaded with all of the Amateur Extra videos for $49.99 postpaid anywhere in the United States. If you are outside the United States and want one of these drives, please contact me and I’ll look up the postage to your country. Overseas shipping rates are simply outlandish these days! Top

Interesting Products on Amazon: I make mention of many products in my videos. If you are interested in obtaining these products for yourself, use the links on my Ham Radio Answers Amazon Links Page to order the product. The price stays the same for you, and you can use your Prime if you wish, and I get a small cut of the purchase price. Again, using these links costs you nothing additional, so if you’re going to buy something anyway, here’s a great way to support Ham Radio Answers! The links are available by clicking here. Top

Some background

Why do I solicit your support? Building these videos and answering viewer questions started as my “retirement project.” However, the channel has grown so quickly that it’s moved beyond the project stage. I no longer tell people I’m retired; rather I say I “do YouTube videos about ham radio.” The listener looks at me askance until I tell him or her my stats.

I use the money from these various channels to purchase new things for the channel. Recent purchases have included a new and much better camera (Panasonic DMC-G7), better sound recording equipment, better lights for the studio, and other production-value-related items. I pay for web hosting for Also, I buy equipment, such as my Rigol oscilloscope and signal generator. I get kits, I get books, and I keep myself in ice cream! (So, yes, it does help some personal expenses.) Several years ago YouTube contacted me, noted that my channel was growing, and gave me several valuable suggestions which I’ve put into practice. One was monetizing my channel. I was quite fearful of doing so because I wanted my videos to be free. Well, they’re still free! But I do make some money from the advertising on the channel.

My channel is “Ham Radio Answers.” Within this channel are several types of videos. These include the study videos for the American amateur radio Technician, General, and Amateur Extra Class licenses. I think I’m unique in that I’m the only person on the Internet who offers training videos that follow the ARRL License Manuals section for section. The other major series on Ham Radio Answers is “Ask Dave.” I have over a hundred of these on YouTube addressing myriad topics. You can ask questions by leaving a YouTube comment or by going to Although I can’t make a video to answer everyone’s requests, most of my topics come from viewer suggestions. Speaking of YouTube, please click “like” and “subscribe” on the video. These create markers for YouTube to determine which videos to show to like-minded people.

A final caveat. Please note I’m not a charity. I pay taxes like everybody else, including income minus expenses for Ham Radio Answers. My official business name is Mt. Sneffels Press, so you might see that show up on PayPal or your Visa statement. (And, yes, I do have some books for sale, mostly Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.) My Amazon author page is here.