Updating WordPress—Didn’t I Just Do This?

These days one should keep one’s software current as a hedge against security threats and perhaps the possibility of an invasion from Mars. Anyway, tonight I upgraded WordPress from 3.0 to 3.0.1. What a royal pain! It meant considerable downloading and uploading of literally hundreds of files. Prior to that, I backed everything up, including the database. And then, after everything was installed, I had to do two things: 1) Re-insert the code so that Google can track how many people visit the site, which helps me understand the parts of the site that are the most popular, and 2) re-fix the 2010 Theme so the text isn’t overbearingly large. WordPress is pushing the idea of “child themes,” meaning a couple files that modify the main theme that can be tracked easily. Well, it may work for them, but it doesn’t work for me! So, I just modified the style.css file in the 2010 theme directory to duplicate what I did before (see here for details—the file line numbers are different but not by much). I gotta tell ya, I love the way the blog works and how easy it is to do things, but upgrading is a royal pain! It involves heavy use of my FTP client and very carefully tracking which files go where. It took me about three hours all total. The end result is the site looks exactly as it did before, but now I have a nice warm feeling that I’m at 3.0.1 rather than a mere 3.0.0. Do I sound grumpy? What I need is a nice motorcycle ride. I’ve been out of town, so maybe in a couple days.

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