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Fall Color Along Colorado State Hwy 92

My friend Gary and I took a motorcycle ride along Colorado State Highway 92. Here are nine pics of the fall color along the stretch of highway west of Blue Mesa Dam.

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July 4th Wildflowers on Ouray CR 5

Today was my first “real” day back on the motorcycle after the April 6th accident. ‘Twas nice! I went up Ouray, Colorado, County Roads 5, 7, and 9. Sadly, the GoPro camera didn’t work, which I later traced to a … Continue reading

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Finally! Updated Index of Places to Ride (or Drive)!

I’ve added many un-indexed posts containing photos, videos, and GPS maps of many roads and trails in the area that I’ve ridden since I last updated the old “Index to Roads by County and by Date of Ride” page. That … Continue reading

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From Montrose Adobes to Peach Valley Recreation Area in Five Minutes

Yes, it’s true that I crashed not long after I took this video, but I suppose there’s no harm in putting it here. For quite a number of years the only connection between the Peach Valley recreation area outside of … Continue reading

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Lower Powerline Road in 5 Minutes

I took this video last Saturday, and, yes, I know I crashed later on that day. But still, this road goes through an area that I really like. So I speeded things up a little bit, and here you are!

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Crashed motorcycle and broke my arm!

On Saturday afternoon I crashed my Yamaha dirt bike and broke my arm! Just to show you how tough the motorcycle is, the only damage to it was a broken bracket that holds the clutch lever in place. I did … Continue reading

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Reader Sim Savage Relates His High Adventure

Sometimes I get emails just too good to pass up. Here’s Sim Savage’s adventure in his own words: Dave: Many thanks for the thorough and expedient response to my query ! I am greatly appreciative. This trip I have planned … Continue reading

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Vimeo Video Hosting vs YouTube

I’ve been pretty unhappy with the way YouTube puts in crazy video “artifacts” and have tried several different upload techniques to avoid them—to no avail. So, I thought I’d try Vimeo. Well, Vimeo is like stepping off a flying broomstick … Continue reading

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Fall Color in Stealey Mountain Trail Complex near Ridgway, Colorado

Here are snippets of fall color video I took yesterday up in the Stealey Mountain Trail Complex. The trail complex is a large collection of ATV trails accessible from Vista Point, Stealey Mountain Trailhead, and an unmarked point further east, … Continue reading

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Ouray County Fall Color: Moonshine Park on Ouray CR 5

Here’s a little treat—fall color in Ouray County, Colorado, on a little side road tucked away at the south end of Ouray County Road 5 (after entering the Uncompahgre National Forest, it becomes Forest Road 852). The road to Moonshine … Continue reading

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