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DeLorme maps: some grumbles

I just updated from DeLorme Topo USA 8 to DeLorme Topo North America. (The name change implies Canada.) The same map appears on my GPS unit as appears on Topo North America. I don’t know where DeLorme gets their road … Continue reading

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DeLorme Topo North America’s enlightened web policy

Fellow folks who use GPS: I collect all the tracks using my DeLorme PN-40SE. Although it’s not perfect, it’s pretty doggoned good. I’ll do a product review someday after I figure out a few more features. In the meantime, it … Continue reading

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Amateur Radio General Class Tests to Change on July 1st

For those of you studying for your General Class test, note that a new set of questions will be issued starting July 1st. That means if you’re studying now, make sure either to take the test prior to June 30th, … Continue reading

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First Wildflower of 2011

For all the wildflower junkies out there (which includes me), here’s the very first I’ve seen this season. I found it while out on the motorcycle, checking out a side road, Ouray County Road 906, not far from Colona, Colorado.

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Powerline Road Redux—in great shape!

Following the theme of taking advantage of good weather, I hopped atop my Yamaha XT-250 dirt bike and headed for the hills. Knowing that the high country is still snowed in, I took a route I like very much. It … Continue reading

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Dirt Riding 2011: Season Opener!

Woohoo! What a beautiful April 1st, and that’s no joke! I spent the morning getting my trusty 2009 Yamaha XT-250 dirt bike ready for the season, checking tire pressures, the spark plug, tightening this and that, checking the chain tension, … Continue reading

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