Yankee Boy Basin Wildflowers

Wildflowers in Yankee Boy Basin

Wildflowers everywhere in Yankee Boy Basin

Loretta and I were at Yankee Boy Basin today. I’ve never seen the wildflowers as thick and gorgeous as this! And there were many columbines—so many I put them all in another post (see this). This post has more wildflowers—there were so many to choose from!

I like this particular photo of the blue bells the most because it shows two different colors on the same plant!

Yellow flowers

Nice closeup of some yellow flowers in Yankee Boy Basin

Red clump flowers

Red clump flowers in Yankee Boy Basin

red flower

Another red flower in Yankee Boy Basin

blue trumpets

Blue trumpets - almost purple!

I like to find patterns in things and love this closeup of a dandelion puff.
Dandelion puff ball

Closeup of a dandelion puff ball. I love the patterns!

There was more beauty than just the wildflowers. The following is a photo of Twin Falls (one of several waterfalls in the area). I slowed down the shutter speed to blur the water a bit—I hope you like the effect!
Twin Falls at Yankee Boy Basin

Twin Falls at Yankee Boy Basin

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