Winter, Winter, Where is Spring?

I took this pic of Mt. Sneffels from our back deck a couple days ago. Winter can be pretty, but it’s hard to ride a motorcycle through the snow!

Snow on the ground all winter! That's Mt. Sneffels with the early-morning low clouds surrounding it.

Snow on the ground all winter! That’s Mt. Sneffels with the low clouds surrounding it.

Usually the snow becomes serious about melting in March, giving rise to the term “mud season.” If we get a few dry days in late March, it’s possible to ride the Adobes north of Montrose. I’ve got my fingers crossed. That’s only a month away!

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4 Responses to Winter, Winter, Where is Spring?

  1. Russ Locke says:

    Have you seen the ‘viral’ video of a guy riding a ridge in the Bookcliffs of Grand Junction? Lots of conjecture about how real it is. I’ve ridden the adobes though in the spring and they can be fun while you wait for the snow to go off the local roads. Meanwhile, it has been a great motorcycle winter for us here in Central Texas with lots of 70 degree days. I however, spend my extra time prepping my Suzuki DL650 for my ride to Alaska in June.

  2. Dave says:

    Looking almost due South in the rising sun.

  3. Olá caro Dave, Uma bela imagem! No momento na minha cidade está com 34 ºC, 19:00 UTC. Sempre procuramos a média, os extremos são difíceis. 73 Antonio [Google translation from the Portuguese: Hello dear Dave, A beautiful picture! At the moment in my city is at 34 º C (93.2°F), 19:00 UTC. Always seek the middle, the extremes are difficult. 73 Antonio]

  4. Dick Jubinville says:

    At what direction is this photo taken Dave? It appears that you are looking SW at the mountain with a rising sun, or you are looking NW with the setting sun.

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