Wildflowers on the Power Line Loop

Glenn Neigenfind invited me along for some adventures on Thursday afternoon and evening. I mentioned that my mom likes wildflower pictures, so we stopped frequently to get photos. Here are the better ones. The one below was found at a lower elevation, perhaps 6000 feet above sea level.


A lovely, well-defined flower perhaps two inches across. We found this at lower elevations. I think this is a thistle, but I'm not sure.

It seemed to be “purple” day. Here’s another, also found at a lower elevation.

Purple flower

This one is at a relatively lower elevation.

Higher up we encountered another purple set. I can’t quite tell if these are the same flower as above—I don’t think so.

Another purple flower

At higher elevations these grew in larger clumps, often found with grass.

The following is a sego lily. It’s an odd little thing. A stem grows from the ground with this flower being its sole occupant except for a long, thin leaf that’s not much bigger than the stem.

A white lily.

I wish I had a better camera for these brilliant white sego lilies! I picked this one because it shows the inner workings best.

It’s wildflower season in Colorado. More to come!

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  1. mini mildred says:

    I thought your camera did well with the Sego lily, it’s quite clear.
    thank you. Mini

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