Wildflowers near Animas Forks

I was in the high country today, first going to Engineer Pass, then down into Animas Forks. Here are a few wildflower shots near Animas Forks. First up are some blue ones.

blue flowers

Here are some pretty blue flowers which were much bluer in person. The flowers are perhaps 20 mm in diameter.

Hopefully theses are different from ones I’ve put up in other posts.

white flowers

These are pretty little white things and were common around Animas Forks.

The thing about wildflowers around here is you have to look for them. They’re really quite small and can get lost in the vastness of the mountain scenery.

yellow flower

This flower looks different from the other yellow ones I've seen and is more than an inch across.

And then…stinker-stinker-stinker! The point and shoot camera simply would not focus on these gorgeous purple flowers. I took three shots to be sure I got a good one, and the little square in the viewfinder said the focus was right on the flower, but when I looked at them after loading them into the computer, they’re all fuzzy! Anyway, the color is pretty.

purple flowers

These really were pretty—trust me! But the point-and-shoot camera I carry on the motorcycle is simply not up to the task.

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