Wildflower Bonanza on Memorial Day, 2011

Yellow flower

Beautiful, unidentified yellow flower. The flower is a bit like a trumpet, with a long stem and a flaring out at the end, turning a bit back on itself.

Wildflower bonanza! My wife and I joined many other friends at the Skalla Ranch outside of Placerville, Colorado. I motorcycled over 35 miles, not leaving the ranch–big place. And the wildflowers! I include 19 pictures in this post. Please help me identify them, as not very many are in my wildflower book. Words aren’t adequate, so here are the pictures. Please note that I didn’t pluck any of these—all were left in place, though for several I hold them with my gloved hand for size comparison.
blue flower

Lovely but tiny blue flowers. Note complex flower shape

itty-bitty blue flower

Have you ever seen a flower so small? That's one finger of my glove in the background. This flower is no more than 2mm across! And very hard to see--I stumbled over them.

blue flowers

Lovely, strongly-colored blue flowers with complex structure.

blue flower

I'm holding this so you can look straight inside. Notice the delicate coloring and pattern. That's one finger of my glove.

wild iris

Yep, that's an iris--a gorgeous blue bloom with wonderful design.

orange paintbrush

Orange paintbrush. With my new camera I can get enormous detail.

purple flower

These flowers show up in both purple and white, usually with five petals but not always.

Purple flower

These delicate, tiny flowers are about a half inch long at most

Purplish flower

The petals on this are somewhat purple. I've seen this type flower with more purple and also with more white.

White flower

White flower with five petals and a tiny tinge of purple

odd white flower

Now here's an odd one. These are like little buds. Perhaps they'll develop into something else.

tiny white flower

Tiny white flower. I'm holding it between two fingers of my gloved hand.

dandelion and blue flower

Dandelion and a blue flower shown previously above


And so that’s it—14 pictures—see next post for remaining 5. I ran them all through Photoshop Essentials to reduce the file size—hopefully this post didn’t take too long to load!

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