What’s Happened to Skybeam?

My suddenly-inept ISP is www.skybeam.com. Normally very responsive to any calls for tech support, they’re now turning a deaf ear. Or at least what is effectively a deaf ear. Their rep came to my home again today (having stood me up last Tuesday) and said there’s nothing he could do—the problem’s in the network. Tech support upleveled the problem several days ago, but 2nd-level isn’t coming up with any solutions. I called tech support again, but the answer was effectively “we’re working on it and can’t tell you any more.”

I’ve been recommending Skybeam (and their predecessors, Sopris.net and Montrose Internet) for several years, and this has resulted in additional customers. I’m sad to say I can’t recommend them now. Maybe they’ll figure this out before I figure out how to jump ship.

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  1. nathan says:

    Skybeam has started to [be very bad] for me too. Just ran a test and its only like half a Mb download and about 1 Mb up…that doesn’t even make sense. Its been [dreadfully, unacceptably] slow for over a week now. Hope they pull their heads out of their [you know where]. [Edited for language, but my feelings exactly! I think they’ve grown so quickly they no longer understand their own network. -Dave]

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