Vimeo Video Hosting vs YouTube

I’ve been pretty unhappy with the way YouTube puts in crazy video “artifacts” and have tried several different upload techniques to avoid them—to no avail. So, I thought I’d try Vimeo. Well, Vimeo is like stepping off a flying broomstick and into the cockpit of the Space Shuttle, so the learning curve is a bit steep. But, I successfully uploaded a test video. Here’s the Vimeo video:

Moonshine Park Fall Color from David Casler on Vimeo.

Now, to have something to compare it with, here’s the same video on YouTube from a previous post. You can compare the quality of the two. Comments welcome!

It’s possible to play both at the same time. The Vimeo video allows a choice of HD or not, and not HD is the default. The YouTube video allows several resolutions; it defaults to the lowest which is fine for viewing inside the box. You can go full screen with either Vimeo or YouTube.

My assessment is that YouTube seems to show a bit greater resolution out of the box, but the video artifacts are annoying and seem to come unpredictably. Vimeo shows no video artifacts at all. If I could figure out the secret to uploading to YouTube that would eliminate the artifacts, I’d certainly stick with YouTube. On the other hand, while Vimeo’s videos are artifact-free, the free Vimeo account is limited—I’d have to pay to put up longer videos or put them up more frequently. And, the kicker here is that I seem to get more viewers via YouTube than via this blog. Maybe I can upload to both and use Vimeo here for a better experience, and then put the videos up on YouTube anyway for those who want to discover them there.

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