Views and Wildflowers along Ouray County Road 7

Mt. Sneffels alpenglow

Yep, that's Mt. Sneffels. I'm pretty close, nearly at the end of Ouray County Road 7. The picture was taken at sunset.

After dinner this evening I hopped on the bike for a quick “evening trip” up Ouray County Road 7 (see here for GPS and springtime pictures). Today is September 1st and the days are getting shorter rather rapidly. I snapped several pictures that I thought you might enjoy. What amazed me was how many flowers there are. It’s September 1st! Yet flowers were everywhere as I got up to about aspen elevation (around 8000 feet).
Along County Road 7

This view taken from a switchback on CR7 looks down into Pleasant Valley.

purple flower

Flowers everywhere on Sept 1st! About the closest I can come in the flower book is Bigelow Tansy-Aster, though it's not a perfect match. Definitely an aster.

rubber rabbitbrush

These are everywhere--we even have them in our front yard in abundance. They're Rubber Rabbitbrush, a form of Aster. The Latin name is interesting: Ericameria nauseosa.

red leaf

Nope, that's not a flower. That's a leaf that's turned color! The rest of the plant is still green, but not for long.

alpine phlox

A few of these peek out. This is Alpine Phlox.


The closest I can come in the flower book, and this is not an exact match, is Goldeneye, a form of Aster.

A very nice evening’s ride. And there’s just one more that I caught on CR 24 on the way home:
alpenglow on Cimarrons

Alpenglow on the Cimarrons, taken from Ouray County Road 24 on the way home. It's this sort of stuff that makes me want to live in Colorado.

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