Using CHIRP to Program your Handheld Ham Radios, AD#38

Use your programming cable with CHIRP software from I show how to download memories, change them, and upload. Also how to transfer from one radio to another.

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1 Response to Using CHIRP to Program your Handheld Ham Radios, AD#38

  1. Bill Stewman - W5RQR says:

    S O S
    I have been a licensed ham for several decades and am trying to use with my Yaesu FT-857. I seem to grasp most of Chirp’s steps, AND can get my PC to create and dump the file of several Repeaters and Simplex frequencies into the PC. BUT – some how I cannot get the PC to dump the data set back into the Radio.
    What am I missing?
    Bill Stewman – W5RQR – 78 Years young and Extra Class in North Texas
    678-414-2500 Cell

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