Unlock Key Code for Anytone AT-D878UV

I received an email to Ask Dave inquiring about the key sequence to unlock the keyboard. The radios come from the manufacturer with the keyboard locked so that it complies with FCC rules for those outside ham radio who are not allowed to program their own radios. Hams, however, are permitted to program their own radios.

The instructions are found on Page 38 in the manual. You press the Menu and Star keys together. Here is the relevant extract from the manual.

Extract from Anytone D878UV manual describing how to unlock the keypad. First, press and hold the Menu Key. While holding the Menu key down, press the star key. This should unlock the keyboard.

As far as I can tell (and I could easily be wrong about this), once the programming is unlocked the radio stays unlocked.

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4 Responses to Unlock Key Code for Anytone AT-D878UV

  1. Mariano Trujillo says:

    I have tried (over and over) to unlock this radio (878UV Plus) using the ‘Press Menu and Star Key’ method and it does not work. Any other solutions? Anyone interested in a brand new 878UV Plus? Also, the data cable will not work but the port works fine with my Yaesu FT65R

  2. Robert says:

    Under Common Setting tree, go to Optional Setting, then Key Function Tab and make sure that these four items are off: Knob Lock, Keyboard Lock, Side Key Lock, and Forced Lock Key.

  3. Neil K6NCX says:

    Yep, that’s what the manual say. But it doesn’t do anything.

  4. george h knapp says:

    as im new at this time I need the help of someone who can help me get my system on line and working to the best standarards,all equipment is one owner and brand new.will pay any charges for help. georgrknapp1951@gmail.com or [redacted] in Ormond beach.help!

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