Unboxing the Yihua 852+ Soldering Station

YouTube viewer Kurt Johnson commented on my Fantastic Fox Finder Fix video about my soldering iron. He told me about a station called the 852D+ that was quite inexpensive, and he’s right. It cost only $47.90 on eBay and that includes shipping! It arrived today. This is my very first video devoted to unboxing a new toy. I hope you enjoy it!

Note that I paid for this myself, so this is not a sponsored review.

I used two video cameras. The main camera is my new Panasonic G7, and I love the video quality! I tweaked it in CyberLink PowerDirector 13 with the New Blue Video Tuneup effect, which provides video scopes for ease of adjustment. Very nice! The second camera is the Panasonic HDC-TM90 that I’ve had for several years as my mainstay camera. The G7 is a recent upgrade.

I look forward to trying the new soldering station with a kit that’s been sitting here for a couple months, the AAØZZ ZZRX-40. I’ll make a video about that.

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