Unbox and Test MFJ-849 Digital SWR Meter (AD #76)

Here’s a look at an MFJ-849, a nice digital power/SWR meter that MFJ sent me. It works well and has solid quality. It also requires no button pushing to get forward and reverse power and SWR because they’re all shown at the same time. Nice little rig.

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4 Responses to Unbox and Test MFJ-849 Digital SWR Meter (AD #76)

  1. Gary B Wixom says:

    I just purchased one of these meters. Haven’t hooked it up yet. Your video gave me a very good intro so that it should be easy.

  2. Cliff Engle W3KKO says:

    Really like your videos. I find them to be valuable and helpful!
    Keep up the great work….
    73…… Always 🙂

  3. Dick says:

    Very well done Dave, per usual. For those of us who don’t have unlimited AR funds, this is a very nice meter.

  4. Frederick Hart says:

    Thanks Dave, Enjoyed the intro to the MFJ-849.
    Just a note, the Hogwarts also sent videos, #59 thru #75 at the same time.
    Hope this is not past problems returning.
    We really appreciate your videos.
    Thanks again, and 73,

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