The Reverse Beacon Network: AD #32

The amateur radio Reverse Beacon Network ( offers the opportunity to see where in the world your signal is being heard. The RBN listens for CQs on CW, RTTY, and PSK-31, and will tell you which reverse beacon listener heard your signal. A fascinating way to see how your station works.

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1 Response to The Reverse Beacon Network: AD #32

  1. Ed W8EO says:

    Hi Dave, Hope you’re doing well. I tried a test on my FT991a using only different call signs. My friend N4ZKS wanted to learn to use RBN. RBN copied my callsign but not his. The only variable that was different was the callsign. I see RBN can pick any signal off the POTA website and report the usual info. What went wrong? Tnx and 73, Ed W8EO, East Lansing MI

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