The GOTAHAMS Ham Club Gets Hams on the Air!

I met Ken Mixon, KC6WOK, and his wife Kathi, KD6CAF, at the Quartzfest hamfest at Quartzsite, AZ, last January. His wife took the picture shown below.

What’s interesting about a letter he sent me prior to Field Day is information about a club he formed called GOTAHAMS. GOTA is the abbreviation, taken from the Field Day rules, that stands for “Get on the Air!” This club is focused on getting people on the air. This is a fascinating case study in how much good two very good people can do in the Amateur radio community!

Below is a photo of the club members. Their website is and is a pattern to emulate. Can you put together an organization like this in your area? Sure you can!

The GOTAHAMS group. Photo courtesy Ken Mixon. I love their club logo!

Dave Casler, KEOG, and Ken Mixon, KC6WOK, at Quartzfest 2019. Photo courtesy Ken Mixon.

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2 Responses to The GOTAHAMS Ham Club Gets Hams on the Air!

  1. HS says:

    Hey Dave, in the bottom picture of you and Ken. What band are those antennas tuned for?

  2. Randy Williamson says:

    Dave: Im glad you guys got the camera angle correct in that photo with Ken Mixon….otherwise you would have been doing the middle finger salute !!! LOL


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