TenTec Jupiter CW/keyboard Keyer Prosigns

Per request of Dale Mason, here are the prosigns I found available to you when you plug a keyboard into the back of the updated TenTec Jupiter for CW mode. The overline (e.g., BT), means the characters are run together with no space in between.


Name of punctuation CW Keyboard key to use
Break, em-dash, or thought separator BT  • • •  + (on numeric keypad)
End of message AR •  •  • + (on main keyboard)
Wait AS •  • • •  * (asterisk)
Short dash, en-dash  • • • •  – (hyphen)
Forward slash; virgule  • • —  / (forward slash on main keyboard or keypad)
Question Mark IMI • •   • • ? (shift-slash on main keyboard)
Comma   • •    , (comma)
@ symbol (as used in email) •   •  • ~ (tilde)
Separation Sign, as between numbers and fractions •  • •  [ (opening bracket)
Semicolon  •  •  • : (colon, shift-semicolon)

I never found entries for the common prosigns KN (go-only), SK (end of contact), or EEEEEEEE (error).

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1 Response to TenTec Jupiter CW/keyboard Keyer Prosigns

  1. Dale Mason says:

    Dave, many thanks! Somehow I totally missed your reply until just now. This helps tremendously.

    Best regards,
    Dale, W9ESE

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