“Stay the Trail” in Colorado!

Stay on the trail in Colorado!

The COHVCO Foundation publishes this handy and succinct guide to trail etiquette in Colorado. Click on the image to be taken to their web site.

The Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) publishes this handy flyer providing great info on off-highway trail etiquette. I’m putting this here as a way of disseminating it further. These flyers are available in many places in Colorado, including on various bulletin boards up in the high country. You can click on the photo to go to their website. Follow the “continue reading” link to see the entire pamphlet. I would make one last note: they mean it! Do it the way they say to do and everyone stays happy!
Stay the trail page 1 and 2

Stay the trail, pages 1 and 2

Stay the trail page 2

Stay the trail Page 2

The blurry fine print in the image above reads thus: “It is recognized that the depicted activities involve inherent risks and that the safety of the operator and participant depends upon the prudent exercise and discretion of the operator. This information is *not* intended to provide guidance on how to negotiate obstacles, but rather for protecting the environment. Consider the severity of the obstacle, the capability of the vehicle and your experience level while crossing obstacles. Always use proper protective gear manufactured for your off-highway experience. Safety gear and equipment requirements are dependent upon the type of vehicle. Consult your dealer and vehicle manufacturer for specific needs. The parties publishing this information hereby disclaims [sic] any and all liability associated with the provided information or arising from the depicted activities.”

Stay the trail page 3

Stay the Trail brochure, page 3

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