Sponsored Product Review: TYT UV8000E Dual Band Handheld

Okay, with trepidation I announce a whole new area for me, that of sponsored product reviews. Regarding this review, let me be crystal clear. Yes, they provided the radio and I get to keep it without charge. Second, if you order the radio using a special link, I’ll get a small percentage of each sale. I look this both as a way of supporting the entire blog/video/Ask Dave thing. Let me know if you like this. If you find it useful, let me know. If you think it’s too far afield from my normal way of doing things, let me know. And, of course, do feel free to buy the radio. The sponsored-affiliated link can be found by clicking here.

I have set up a “UV8000E Resource Page,” which you can get to by clicking here. I’ve put up lots of other discussion and hints/tips there, including some information that supplements the manual.

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7 Responses to Sponsored Product Review: TYT UV8000E Dual Band Handheld

  1. paul says:

    Informative review but it would be great if you posted it in text form. Video is way more time consuming.

  2. David Casler says:

    I’ve just adjusted the power using the front panel keys. I would recommend the middle setting because the high power setting runs the battery down quickly.

  3. Jaymily Solano says:

    Hello Dave… Love your reviews!

    Question, have you used the program/online test that is in the software? I believe this will adjust the power settings of the hand held. If so what setting do you think are optimal?

  4. Dave says:

    John, no, you cannot listen on one frequency at the same time that you transmit on another.

  5. John Wasciuk WA8TON says:

    Hi, Dave,

    Can the radio be used on full duplex mode? What I mean is transmitting on one band, while receiving simultaneously on the other. Is this possible?

    I’m thinking that if it can do so, I will be able to hear my own down link on the FM satellites. The extra 3 db with ten watts might be helpful, also.

    But I really would want full duplex. I’m not that interested in re-transmitting what I hear.




  6. Robert Garr says:

    Yes Dave it is somewhat out of the norm for how you do things. But I see it this way. First, I trust your judgment and expertise when it comes to anything HAM related. Next is, if you don’t do it, well someone else will. You also have the right to run this as you see fit. And considering how much time, effort, skill and work you must put into making these teaching aides and tutorials, ou deserve some compensation. And lastly, what valid reason can be given as too why you shouldn’t be permitted to take advantage of a good deal/offer. I say, GO FOR IT DAVE! BOB KD2JSS

  7. Rocky Riggs says:

    Hi Dave… I think you do a great service for the Ham community… If this, I’m sure, small income from the radio sales helps you keep your website “on the air”, I’m all for it. Not sure if I will purchase “another” radio (always an interesting conversation with my wife :):):), but am hoping success for you otherwise. Keep up the good work.

    73, Rocky, W6RJK (N. Lake Tahoe, CA)

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