So many rides! Not enough posted!

As I mentioned in my last post, I knew I still had a number of rides to document, covering some of the most beautiful areas of Colorado and Wyoming. But I had no idea how many! Last night I crawled through my photos (I keep them in directories by date) and created a comprehensive list of places and things. This morning I crawled through my posts and marked the photos and videos that were missing. Wow! Lots! It appears that after Sept 1st I didn’t post much. I have great views, flowers, and GPS tracks galore.

AND…Loretta and I were in Dubois, Wyoming in mid-September and while she attended her art workshop, I found a place to rent an ATV. I made full use of this for three days and have some dazzling shots and even GPS tracks. Not to mention side trips to Brooks Lake and Grand Tetons National Park. And on our way home, stopped by Martin’s Cove, a place storied in Mormon history. So much to document!

I have February and March to do my documentation, because riding season starts in April for the Gunnison Gorge Recreation Area. The high country opens up mid-May to early June and remains open until September or October, depending on when the first big snowstorm hits.

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