Skybeam: Still a falling star!

Skybeam is still broken. Yesterday I was given the same status I’ve been given for over a month: their best network engineers were working on the problem. I keep asking how I can escalate this so something actually gets done, but they just say that they’re actively working the problem.

Baloney! There aren’t that many network devices between me and them, and if necessary, someone should get in a car and drive to each (some located on mountaintops, etc.) to decide which node is at fault. Are they doing that? Of course not! If they did, they’d be on top of the problem in a day.

In spite of what they claim, I can’t help but think that the small number of us customers in this locality who are all experiencing the same problem is just too small a group for them to care. We’re paying for their 7 Mbps service which they interpret to mean 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. But we’re getting 2 Mbps down and as much as 6 Mbps up! Everything else works well (good ping times, VoIP works well, etc.) but just this one thing. Unfortunately I really need the higher speed which is, BTW, the reason I’m paying for it!

C’mon Skybeam, get your act together!

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