Skybeam Still a Fallen Star

My issues with Skybeam, my Internet Service Provider, continue. (This is my ninth post; see previous posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) I pay for their 7 Mbps service, which means 5 Mbps up and 2 Mbps down. What I’m getting, since Dec 3rd, is the opposite, meaning only 2 Mbps down (and that not all the time). I’ve chronicled my long saga of being treated like a mushroom—and in the meantime there’s been no change. The latest status I received (yesterday) is that there’s an issue with the “Hall” tower with a misalignment. I simply replied that I’m still here and hope they haven’t forgotten me. I’m not the only customer in the area with the problem.

The service acts exactly as it should, except for the downlink cap. The ping times are good, the VoIP works just fine, etc. This problem is not caused by a “misalignment” (meaning antennas aren’t pointed at each other), but rather it’s a problem with the settings in some piece of equipment somewhere that’s enforcing the uplink and downlink speeds. So, I have little hope that fixing the “misalignment” issue will solve the problem. I’m a grateful customer—after all, only they serve the remote area where I live, but I’m also an unhappy customer, because they’re not giving me what I’m paying for, which BTW they have shown themselves capable of doing in the past.

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