Setting up WSJT-X for the Yaesu FTdx3000

I received an inquiry from Darryl, VK3DAZ (Australia), asking about interfacing the popular JT65 program WSJT-X with the Yaesu FTdx3000. I’ve been able to make my ‘3000 work directly with WSJT-X as a standalone, or with Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) in the background as a rig controller. This post shows how I do it directly with WSJT-X.

First, of course, is to make sure that the computer and the ‘3000 are talking properly. If they do for HRD, then the same COM setting should work for WSJT-X. Be sure to use the “enhanced” COM port (note this is true even if you are using the USB attachment to the radio). If you have trouble setting up the ‘3000’s internal soundcard, take a look at this site here for an excellent explanation.

Second, make sure you’re using the latest version of WSJT-X. As of today, it’s v1.5. You can download it by clicking here.

The following screen is the Radio Setup page, reached by clicking File, then Settings, then choosing the Radio screen. I will go through each detail.

Radio setup screen for WSJT-X v 1.5. Note that since the FTdx3000 is not one of the listed radios, we're going to modify the settings for the FTdx5000. See text for detailed explanations, because some of the settings require corresponding settings in the FTdx3000's menu.

Radio setup screen for WSJT-X v 1.5. Note that since the FTdx3000 is not one of the listed radios, we’re going to modify the settings for the FTdx5000. See text for detailed explanations, because some of the settings require corresponding settings in the FTdx3000’s menu.


  • For rig, choose FT-DX5000, because the FTdx3000 is not listed. Leave the Poll Interval at 1 sec unless you have strong reason to change it.
  • Under CAT Control, select the serial port that is the “enhanced” port. Note this is true even if you’re using the USB cable (which I am).
  • Choose a baud rate for communications between the computer and the ‘3000. NOTE THAT this must match the setting in MENU 038 CAT RATE. I use 38,400, the max rate the ‘3000 will accept.
  • Set Data Bits to Eight and Stop Bits to Two. Set Handshake to None.
  • Check the box for Force Control Lines and check the box for RTS. NOTE THAT this must match the setting in MENU 040 CAT RTS, which must be set to ENABLE
  • In the next column, under PTT method, select CAT.
  • The Transmit Audio Source is grayed out
  • Under Mode, select Data/Pkt. NOTE THAT you must place the rig into the DATA USB mode. I have this set up in one of the band-stacking registers. WSJT-X will not select the correct register, so be sure to select which register prior to using WSJT-X.
  • I have Split Operation set to None. You can consult the WSJT-X online manual for more information.
  • When you’re ready, click on the Test CAT button. If WSJT-X is satisfied, the button will turn green. Select the Test PTT button. Your transceiver should go into transmit mode, but no data will be transmitted.
  • Click OK and you’re done!

If you would like to set levels, on the main screen you can select the Tune button. That will put the transceiver into transmit mode and also send a signal. You can set up your transceiver with this. Speech processing should be turned off, the Mic Gain should be set so that the rig does not go into ALC, mic equalization (MIC EQ) shoul.d be set to OFF, digital noise reduction (DNR) should be set to OFF, the digital notch filter (DNF) should be set to OFF, and you need to back the power off to something like 25 watts. After that, have fun!

Note that the ‘3000 has only a 2400 Hz bandwidth when in the data mode. That’s unfortunate, as WSJT-X can handle bandwidths up to 4 kHz or more.

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31 Responses to Setting up WSJT-X for the Yaesu FTdx3000

  1. Marco Feuggelen says:

    Good morning to everyone ,
    I don’t understand the issue .
    I simply installed the Yaesu software needed for HRDluxe.
    Then I installed WSJT-X v2.3.1 by KJ1T…..
    Then I corrected the settings ( CODEC , Port ….)
    And then I started to enjoy Wisper …
    All this with a FTDX-3000D and without problems

    Marco , F8VOA

  2. dcasler says:

    Steven, it sounds to me like you have not yet successfully installed the USB driver for the FTDX3000. When you are done it will have created two new COM ports, which you can see using the Device Management screen. There will be two ports. Use the “enhanced” port. Note that the baud rates on both the computer and the radio need to match. Hope that helps.

  3. Steven G Brown says:

    Ive set up my radio ftdx3000 with all your information and i get the following error message when I start WSJT-X: HAMLIB ERROR: Invalid
    configuration when connecting to the rig. What am i doing wrong, Plus when i start WSJT up i dont have a COMSPort number just say USB,
    Thanks for your time

  4. Richard Hutchinson says:


    I get the following error message when I start WSJT-X: “HAMLIB ERROR: Invalid
    configuration when connecting to the rig”.
    I get the same message when I do a TEST CAT in the radio settings.
    I am using WSJT-x 2.2.2 in windows 10. I am using the ftdx3000 menu settings
    wsjt-x parameters as outlined here. The program decodes properly. I can not
    transmit. The CAT control appears to be not working. Any ideas here as to what may
    be missing?

    73 Richard n0cn

  5. Bruce Finley says:

    has any one had any sucess setting for the FTdx1200 general and radio ?? i cant figure it out at all .. Help please my email is
    thank you Bruce N3VET

  6. Layne AE1N says:

    Do the audio equalizer settings really affect FT8 operation. I thought they were for microphone SSB audio only!

  7. Nico says:

    Hi all,

    New with FT8 mode and trying to gt my FTdx1200 working. Control of the TRX with the use of the microham YSB interface is working fine. But problems with the USB DATA mode to receive any meassages. When TRX in USB mode, the meassages are comming in….
    Any suggestions how to fix this?

    73, Nico / PA3ADU

  8. Stuart Uggen says:

    That I did not know. Is that an undocumented feature? Maybe I can sell my unused SignaLink USB?!? I will definitely try FT8 before dispensing with the SignaLink USB.

    Thanks for the knowledge base you add to ham radio and, especially, to me!

    73, Stu K7ALM

  9. dcasler says:

    Stu, the differences between the 1200 and the 3000 are too many to be able to convert one to the other. BTW, the 1200 has a built-in soundcard too, so you won’t need the Signalink.

  10. Stuart Uggen says:

    Hi Dave,
    Do you know if adding SCU-17 and an FFT board to my Yaesu FTDX1200 will make it functionally equivalent to the FTDX3000? I am interested in FT8 (and other data modes that may be available) and, eventually, remote control of the 1200. I bought a SignaLink USB thinking it would handle FT8 as well as enable remote comm. Turns out, it will allow FT8 but not remote control. I don’t believe the FFT board will help with FT8 or remote control.
    Thanks in advance,
    Stu – K7ALM

  11. Marco HB9CJX says:

    Hi all
    Thanks for all Infos.
    I use a mac OS Catalina, USB wire to FTDX3000.
    RX ist perfect, but TX is not possible.
    I use the parameter of:
    103=USB.note that this needs to be switched back to FRONT for phone
    So whats wrong ?
    Need your help.
    73 de Marco, HB9CJX

  12. Barry Randall says:

    Hi I bought a FTDX1200 8 months ago along with a SCU-17. I dont know a dickie bird about data modes but thought I would give it a go. Googled data modes and up cam WJST-X so clicked on it read a little and down loaded the software. Turned on radio followed above instructions for FtDX 300 almost the same and hey presto it was running. Done the test as explained all fine. I would say, slow down take time to read. I read out loud as it seems to sink in better. (Works for me). I found a slight tinkering on the scu 17 Rex and to levels helped. Dont give up, if you get fed up with it shut down and have some thinking time, it helps.

  13. Bry AF4K says:

    No, David – FT8 does not create that file.
    The WSJT-X program creates it, as do other programmes like FL-DIGI etc. etc.

    >David Casler says:
    >December 23, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Theres a file ending in .ADI which is the log that FT8 makes. You can import this file into most logging programs.

  14. Mike says:

    Does anyone have settings for js8call? I need the radio settings as well as settings I should adjust in the software>? I can’t seem to make this work unfortunately. 🙁

  15. dcasler says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check it out.

  16. OH6MR says:

    Data mode is wrong. You need to put Mode -> USB, not Data.
    Then you need to select rig ssb input to be usb instead of mic.

    Now you can set the filter up to 4k. There are a lot of signals between 2400 and 3000 and this way you can work those.

  17. John McKee says:

    Hi Dave,

    I just purchased a FTdx3000, and was struggling for a few days getting it to work with WSJT-X. Searching YouTube, I found only one entry dealing with setting up FTdx3000 with WSJT-X, and the dialog was in Spanish. Eliseo Gordon Guillen (EA1IVD) provides a detailed routine for this setup that’s easy enough to follow even with the language barrier. The Menu settings are as follows:
    103=USB…….note that this needs to be switched back to FRONT for phone

    On the WSJT-X settings, I had to change Data/Pkt to USB….with the setting at Data/Pkt, nothing appeared in the left window of WSJT-X.

    Not sure which version os WSJT-X you wrote about telling how to get fldigi working, but the current version will change the radio’s freq based on band selection in WSJT-X.

    I also purchased an LDG YT-1200 which arrived yesterday afternoon. After installing per the directions, the tuner showed an error “Communication with radio failed*”. I was slightly perturbed until I realized that CAT (037) set at “USB” needed to be changed (for tuning) to RS232 which is the protocol LDG uses to communicate with the radio.

    Long reply, but just thought I’d share my experiences with my new radio.

    John McKee

  18. Bob says:

    I shut down the program and opened it back up again and everything worked! Disregard my last message from last night. Thanks for all you do. 73! Bob AD4Y

  19. Bob says:

    Dave, I’m running the latest version of WSJT-X (1.9.1) I still cannot get CAT control with my FTDX3000. Receive is working fine. COM3 is my “enhanced” com port. I’ve set the program with my 3000 menu settings just like you have here but no luck. v/r Bob

  20. Walter J Stauffer says:

    I am an old-timer who is now getting involved in digital. Several of my friends are now using WSJT-X. I have down loaded it and have trouble setting it up. I have a Yaesu FT-897D connected to a Windows 10 computer through a SignaLink USB on com3. Xceiver control by Flrig on com1. I receive fine but can’t transmit. Can you help a digital dummy set it up.

  21. David Casler says:

    Ideally, the ALC should be out of the circuit if possible. You can do this by keeping your power down. On some rigs, though, when you turn ALC all the way down, there’s no power left! It depends on your rig. Note that FT8 is not a phase-sensitive mode, so a bit of distortion is not so much of an issue.

  22. David says:

    Thanks for the tips, Dave. Made getting set up very easy.
    One question about xmit level – I have power set on WSJT-X so that when transmitting, the level shows about mid-range on the bold portion of the ALC meter. Is that what you meant by “not go into ALC” ? Any reduction of the power setting from this and I get no meter deflection at all.

  23. David Casler says:

    There’s a file ending in .ADI which is the log that FT8 makes. You can import this file into most logging programs.

  24. Gary McKelvie says:

    Hi Dave, great page !
    Just so you know these setting also work with the latest version.
    It’s had me flummoxed till I read this page, just couldn’t get this to work.
    So thanks to you I’m now able to use FT8 on hf.
    I’m just going to use it as a stand alone program.
    Just one question how do you export the log from this program to load into other logbooks?

    Gary GM7USC

  25. Ed says:

    In my case I use a SignaLink USB as my sound card and use the same settings with all needed software. HRD/DM780 v5.24 and DigiPan have both RX and TX with data; only WSJT-X does not have data on TX. I upgraded to WSJT-X v1.8.0 this morning… no change. I’ll keep working with it.
    Ed – ad7gr

  26. David Casler says:

    It sounds like a setup problem with the soundcard. In WSPR you have the correct soundcard selected. Perhaps in WSJT-X the wrong soundcard is selected for outgoing (speaker) audio. Setup problems can be frustrating! Keep trying. 73

  27. Ed says:

    I am using the latest WSJT-X with my FT-dx1200… In my case I have tried FT-5000 and FT-950 which works well with WSPR 2.0. I have communication and control… receive is okay but when the rig goes into transmit mode, no data is transmitted… power out is zero.
    When using WSPR 2.0 by K1JT, which has the same station parameters entered data is transmitted.
    Any help for this?
    Ed – ad7gr

  28. alan shapiro says:

    Hi Linda,
    Did you solve the communication issue with 817 to WSJT-x?
    I have the same problem and haven’t found the answer.
    Alan, NM5s
    Santa Fe, NM

  29. jeff says:

    I just received a new 817nd – the 817 rig control setting wouldn’t work for me either, so I tried the 897 setting, which is newer, and it worked! The 817 has been in production now for 16 years or so, and there have indeed been some code changes. Hope this helps!
    Jeff KN8A

  30. Dave says:

    Hi Linda, sorry to hear about your bad experience. There are many settings that could be causing what you’re looking at. First among them is to make sure that WSJT-X is looking at the correct soundcard. It’ll show up as “USB Audio Codec” or something like that. It has to be set both for the send and receive side in the WSJT-X settings. Note that if your only connection between the computer and the rig is the SignaLink interface, you won’t be able to control the rig from WSJT-X. However, if you set up the SignaLink right, it will cause the transmitter to key up at the right time. I’ve noticed on my Windows 10 computer that I often have to remind WSJT-X to use the correct soundcard. Note also that the ARRL has a technical information service that can pair you up with someone who’s an expert to get you going. See Good luck–I know getting it to work for the first time can be very frustrating. 73, Dave

  31. Linda Wilson says:

    Do you happen to know where I can find the settings for a Yaesu ft-817nd radio to run wsjt-x? I have been trying for 2 months to run jt-65. Get rig control failure window and have nothing being decoded on the computer. I have a signalink interface.
    Please help, I have no one to ask for help.
    Thank you

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