San Juan Mountains Panoramic Beauty

This is an experiment—I’ve never tried this before quite this way. The actual picture, taken 17 August 2012, is over 12MB and is a panorama stitched together from several individual photographs taken from a side road off of San Juan (Colorado) County Road 99. The idea is to click on the image. This allows you to view the entire image in a web browser frame all by itself. The key is to click on it again. Then you can pan back and forth to see what beauty I immerse myself in every time I ride in the high country. The picture is taken from approximately N37° 54.539′ W107° 33.748′ and is about a 180-degree panorama, centered on East.

Incredible panorama from a short sideroad off of San Juan (Colorado) County Road 99. Click on the image to see a much larger version, then click on it again to see it truly full-size with exceptional detail.

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  1. Richard Jubinville says:

    What stunning scenery Dave!!! Great panorama!! My wife and I were in Durango in 2010 and rode the train to Silverton. The views were beyond description.
    73’s Dick

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