Sample PSK-31 QSO: Ask Dave #27

Here’s a sample PSK-31 QSO with annotations and descriptions. If you’re a General or Amateur Extra-class ham and want to try digital, here’s an example. I know I learn best by example rather than theory, so perhaps this will help get you jumpstarted! This video is the third in a series about PSK-31, demonstrated using the free software FLDIGI.

Click here to see the first PSK-31 video. Click here to see the second.

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1 Response to Sample PSK-31 QSO: Ask Dave #27

  1. Rick W3BI says:

    How do I change the freq line above the waterfall back to audio freq. Now it’s decimal.
    Looked in the manual but can’t pick it out.
    82/ Parkinsons/floaters in the eyes but I can still work CW!!!

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