Road Updates: CR 2, 4, Lower Powerline Road

I had the XT-250 out this evening. Here’s a quick road status:

  • Ouray County Road 4: Open, no mud, but the recent rains have torn it up pretty badly—watch for loose rocks where there weren’t any before. I took wildflower pics at the top which are in a separate post.
  • Ouray County Road 2 and 2B: Not too bad, a bit of rain damage—watch for ruts, eminently navigable.
  • Lower Powerline Road: Open, a few parts torn up by rain, a bit of mud here and there, but perfectly navigable
  • Buckhorn Road (see separate post). Open, some rutting toward top, some mud—watch where you put your tires! Lots of insects around the lakes. Some of the campsites are pretty muddy but others are okay.
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