Ride with me through Dolores Canyon!

It’s not often I lead with a video, but today was simply too much fun. I took my Yamaha Seca II street bike out today from Ridgway to Gateway, Colorado, via Colo Hwy 141. The video shows the gorgeous red rock of Delores Canyon. (I should point out that Roxio VideoWave, which I used to create the video, has a little knob to slow down or speed up the video.) I took lots of stills, too, and will put those in another post. The only other thing I add here is a closeup of the GPS track of the area of the video. Click through to see the GPS track.

Delores Canyon GPS Track

What a fun ride today! This is a closeup of the section of Colorado Highway 141 that the video portrays. The yellow horizontal line at the top is the county line (the map is mostly Montrose County). This is truly one of the most scenic roads in Colorado, and a fun ride to boot!

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  1. John F. Fischer says:

    In Unaweep Canyon on my Vstrom East of Ridgeway I approached a “garbage bag” on the side of the road and as I got closer the bag (now obviously a bear) started slowly walking up the side of the canyon. I stopped and looked at him which probably is something in retrospect I won’t do again.

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