Review of CyberLink PowerDirector 15

Once in awhile I like to step back and talk about the tools I use to put all my videos together. This video is my review of the excellent video editor, CyberLink PowerDirector, specifically v15.

CyberLink’s website is

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2 Responses to Review of CyberLink PowerDirector 15

  1. Dave says:

    Tom, I use CyberLink PowerDirector to make all my videos, and simply use it as a tool. I haven’t put together any instructional videos, however, you can find several on the site.

  2. Tom Williams says:

    I am a beginner in video editing in general and more specifically PowerDirector 15. Your tips on getting started in PDR12 was the best by far that I’ve encountered after searching for weeks.

    Do you have other written instructions for PDR? I searched your site and found the videos which I am watching. Would love to discover more written material.

    You are a great ability to make difficult things understandable.

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