Radio Time is UTC: Ask Dave Episode 24

What time do hams use the world around? Radio time! And that’s Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This video explains what UTC is and why it’s used worldwide. Also provided is a bit of history, explaining the role of the railroads in setting up standard time zones.

The Ask Dave video series answers your questions about ham radio, with particular emphasis on those new to the hobby. Thank you for watching my videos! My channel, “Ham Radio Answers,” is here to help you become an active, on-the-air amateur radio operator! I am unique in that I provide the only set of YouTube videos that accompany the ARRL license manuals, section for section. I try hard to answer every Ask Dave question individually if I can.

Credits: Music (Sour Tennessee Red) courtesy YouTube Audio Library: Some of the photos (and the train video) are from Wikipedia and are used under the CC license. The photo of the WWV transmitter site is from NIST.

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