Preparing to take your ham radio examination

Here’s the capstone video in the Technician class license video introduction series. In this video I tell you how to prepare for your examination. It includes specific logistics items such as the identification you need to bring, how to pay, whether you can use a calculator, and lots of other specifics.

After you’ve reviewed the material, you may return to the list of lessons by clicking here. Returning to the list of lessons will give you a link to use to find where and when the most convenient ham radio examinations will be held. Remember that for most exam sessions, you must call in advance for an appointment. If walk-ins are okay, the listing should say so. When in doubt, call ahead!

You’ve just completed a huge project! And now you’re ready to become a licensed operator. But getting that license is not the culmination of your journey—on the contrary it’s only the beginning!

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5 Responses to Preparing to take your ham radio examination

  1. David Albrand WB7CMO says:

    Hi Dave, I too am a Dave. Been a Ham for about 30 years, but dropped out of practice when I moved to California. Then I became legally blind, and study for the General was tougher. Your videos help a bunch. I have talked my room mate into getting his Tedch, like me, and we are both working on getting General.

    Looks like you live in SW Colorado. I used to work that area for my job. I enjoyed the folks in Grand Junction and Montrose and know how good your life can be. Enjoy the beautiful area and if you see anyone in the camera stores, mention me and wish them my best.

  2. Jake Zabler says:

    Hey Dave, Jake, K0LYA here, been studying for a few weeks and on the eve of my exam found your videos. Gordo’s book has been great but burnt out on memorization. Nice for you to explain in depth some of the topics. I am also a life long videographer and appreciate the rise of quality from your first video thru the last. Nice to see more cutaways and b-roll of what you are discussing. I hope I pass my test and talk to you on HF and if you have any video questions feel free to contact me.
    Jake Zabler

  3. John Mann says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for taking the time to create these tutorial videos. I watched them all and they were very helpful to me. This morning I took the Technicain exam and I passed it. You videos gave me a greater understanding of the material and I will be suggesting your blog to my friends that have yet to take the exam.

    All the best,


  4. DAVE keOog –

    Thank you for doing your video presentations for the Technician Class Ham License. Just finished watching all of them and it really has helped me to better understand what Ham Radio is all about. Am continuing to study for my test on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at the VPREP Task Force Ham Radio Communication Kick Off.

    – NATHAN

    Nathan A. Wolfstein IV
    Be MorePrepared, Inc.

  5. Michael Derr W3DIF says:

    Thank you, Dave, for making these very useful videos available. You are still well remembered here in the Boulder Amateur Radio Club (BARC). Your efforts are also remembered in developing the Louisville hams net and storehouse net, both of which remain quite active, more than 10 years later.

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