Powerline Roads, Glenn’s Road are mostly open

lower powerline deer

Just a tiny portion of a large herd, with one of the pole sets for the lower powerline road behind them.

Over the past couple days, I checked out some of my favorite roads, very near to where I live. Glenn’s Road is open to the point where you can see a great view of Montrose to the north. Upper Powerline Road is open very nearly to the gate marking the end of public access, though there is a bit of mud you’ll have to be careful with. This is the kind of mud that provides no traction and no steering!

Lower Powerline Road (southern part here and northern part here) is completely open. I encountered several large deer herds—the photo above shows just a few, naturally with the lower powerline in the background! Here’s the GPS track with a couple notes:

powerline roads and points

Upper Powerline Road is so named because it's a major high voltage transmission line that is physically higher in elevation than the lower powerline. Glenn's Rest is a nice little spot under the trees that Glenn introduced to me. Glenn's View is where the road comes up over the divide and Montrose can be seen to the north. Pahgre Road is partly paved and partly not - all in great shape.

From the south, just north of Colona on Hwy 550, turn east on Buckhorn Road. Note that there’s a point where you need to turn right to stay on Buckhorn. Follow this to the curve to the right, then swing to the north to the gate to the BLM land.

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