Patrons of Ham Radio Answers

My special thanks to the following patrons of my YouTube channel and Website, “Ham Radio Answers.” These patrons provide $5 or $10/month or more via my Patreon page. You can visit the page and check out my funding goals and become a patron yourself!

Melinda and Robert Koster

Melinda Koster, KG5NWD, and Robert Koster, KG5NWE, became patrons on 18 April 2017. Thank you for your support! When I told Melinda she’s my very first patron via, she replied, “Hope you have a bunch more soon! We (KG5NWE and KG5NWD) almost have our HF rig and antenna up – working on CW as well. Wish there were more hours in the day to watch – you are very encouraging!”

Melinda and Robert Koster, patrons


Bob Slovick

Bob Slovick, ADØHI, became a patron on 19 April 2017, and upgraded his patronage on 23 Aug 2017. Thanks Bob!

Shawn Morgan

Shawn Morgan, WØFW, became a patron on 27 April 2017. Welcome aboard, Shawn! He is a 4th generation cattle rancher in southwestern South Dakota. He was first licensed as a General in February of 2013, and upgraded to Extra in October, 2015, and will soon become a VE. He writes, “I watch all your videos, and even though I was an Extra before I found your channel, I find your videos to be very educational, very well put together, and a joy to watch.”

Shawn Morgan, patron

John DiLiberto

John DiLiberto, AB3ZI, became a patron on 2 May 2017. John says, “Dave Casler’s exam prep series were a key component of my preparation for the three amateur radio exams I sat for and passed in 2016. Even the Extra Class license is merely a foundation for the discipline of radio communication, and KE0OG has continued to edify me by sharing his deep expertise in his Ask Dave! series. I like to give where I am blessed, and am honored to be one of Dave’s supporters here on Patreon.” John is also an avid Prepper. Many thanks, John!

Patron John DiLiberto

Diman Todorov

Diman Todorov became a patron on 23 June 2017. If I’ve looked his callsign up correctly, he’s AI6VW and is an Amateur Extra. Thanks Diman!

Elwood Downey

Elwood Downey upgraded his patronage on 1 July 2017. If I’ve looked his callsign up correctly, he’s WBØOEW, and is an Amateur Extra. Thanks Elwood!

Jack R. Dempsey

Jack R. Dempsey became a patron on 30 July 2017. Thanks Jack!

Ronald Terrell

Ronald Terrell became a patron on 31 July 2017. Thanks Ronald!

Rick Hubbard

Rick Hubbard became a patron on 1 Aug 2017. Thanks Rick!

Donald Glover

Donald Glover became a patron on 24 Aug 2017. Thanks Donald!

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