AD 195 Charts—APRS with the Anytone D878UV

Per request, I’m uploading a PDF version of the charts I created for the video. Click here.

Here’s the video for handy reference:

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TenTec Jupiter CW/keyboard Keyer Prosigns

Per request of Dale Mason, here are the prosigns I found available to you when you plug a keyboard into the back of the updated TenTec Jupiter for CW mode. The overline (e.g., BT), means the characters are run together with no space in between.


Name of punctuation CW Keyboard key to use
Break, em-dash, or thought separator BT  • • •  + (on numeric keypad)
End of message AR •  •  • + (on main keyboard)
Wait AS •  • • •  * (asterisk)
Short dash, en-dash  • • • •  – (hyphen)
Forward slash; virgule  • • —  / (forward slash on main keyboard or keypad)
Question Mark IMI • •   • • ? (shift-slash on main keyboard)
Comma   • •    , (comma)
@ symbol (as used in email) •   •  • ~ (tilde)
Separation Sign, as between numbers and fractions •  • •  [ (opening bracket)
Semicolon  •  •  • : (colon, shift-semicolon)

I never found entries for the common prosigns KN (go-only), SK (end of contact), or EEEEEEEE (error).

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How to Get “Rothammel’s Antenna Book”

I mentioned in my 2019 Dayton video that the popular German-language antenna book has been translated into English. See below for how to order one. Note that I ordered mine 12 July 2019 and it arrived about 3 weeks later.

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Hex Beam Model for EZNEC from Ask Dave 159

In Ask Dave 159, I used a hex beam model for EZNEC that was put together by the antenna’s designer, G3TXQ. The following link takes you to G3TXQ’s page where he describes the modeling.

G3TXQ web page describing modeling method.

The following link takes you to the model itself, also hosted on G3TXQ’s web page.

Hex Beam model for EZNEC by G3TXQ.

Note that the model does not include 6 meters.

I recommend you watch my video prior to using the model:

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Two Meter Band Chart Used in Ask Dave 209

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The GOTAHAMS Ham Club Gets Hams on the Air!

I met Ken Mixon, KC6WOK, and his wife Kathi, KD6CAF, at the Quartzfest hamfest at Quartzsite, AZ, last January. His wife took the picture shown below.

What’s interesting about a letter he sent me prior to Field Day is information about a club he formed called GOTAHAMS. GOTA is the abbreviation, taken from the Field Day rules, that stands for “Get on the Air!” This club is focused on getting people on the air. This is a fascinating case study in how much good two very good people can do in the Amateur radio community!

Below is a photo of the club members. Their website is and is a pattern to emulate. Can you put together an organization like this in your area? Sure you can!

The GOTAHAMS group. Photo courtesy Ken Mixon. I love their club logo!

Dave Casler, KEOG, and Ken Mixon, KC6WOK, at Quartzfest 2019. Photo courtesy Ken Mixon.

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NASA Soldering Instructions

An Oggie who wishes to remain unnamed sent me this extract from NASA soldering guidance circa the Apollo moon project. The big difference between normal techniques and this one is that NASA recommends clipping the leads prior to soldering. It makes for interesting reading. See PDF: NASA Student Workbook Hand Soldering Excerpt

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Icom IC-7300 Review Notes

Yesterday I posted a review of the Icom IC-7300, Ask Dave #201, which you can see on YouTube (click here).

Here are my review notes, written on my 79-year-old typewriter.

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Unlock Key Code for Anytone AT-D878UV

I received an email to Ask Dave inquiring about the key sequence to unlock the keyboard. The radios come from the manufacturer with the keyboard locked so that it complies with FCC rules for those outside ham radio who are not allowed to program their own radios. Hams, however, are permitted to program their own radios.

The instructions are found on Page 38 in the manual. You press the Menu and Star keys together. Here is the relevant extract from the manual.

Extract from Anytone D878UV manual describing how to unlock the keypad. First, press and hold the Menu Key. While holding the Menu key down, press the star key. This should unlock the keyboard.

As far as I can tell (and I could easily be wrong about this), once the programming is unlocked the radio stays unlocked.

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Market Comparison Chart that Accompanies Ask Dave #199

Here’s the chart I used for Ask Dave #199. It shows the offerings from Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu as well as Alinco and Elecraft and how they’re positioned pricewise. Dollar figures are street prices from Ham Radio Outlet, DX Engineering, and Universal Radio. Prices subject to change.

Chart from Ask Dave #199

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