Owl Creek Wildflowers

Subalpine Larkspur

Subalpine Larkspur, found this evening while on the double-track from Vista Point to Stealey Mountain Trailhead

I was up and about Owl Creek Pass this evening and opted to take the doubletrack trail from Vista Point to Stealey Mountain Trailhead, normally a nice, easy trail. Well, the wet spring and heavy runoff we’ve had this year has roughed the trail up. But I did find wildflowers. As I was going through an area under some aspens, the subalpine larkspur (see above) caught my eye—at first I thought they were blue faerie trumpet (faerie trumpets are orange). But the structure of the flower is different. Below is a scene under the aspens just to show how many wildflowers there are.
Many wildflowers along Owl Creek

Many wildflowers along Owl Creek. You're looking at common yarrow (white) and subalpine larkspur (blue).

Here’s a closeup of the common yarrow.
Common Yarrow

Common yarrow. The flowers form into flat, horizontal clusters.

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