Ouray County Roads 2 and 4 — Redux

What a change in weather today! Yesterday’s video of County Road 24 shows drip, drip, drip. Today was nothing short of spectacular. I celebrated with a ride up Ouray County Roads 2 and 4. The video below shows three narrated scenes.

It’s a shame, but these beautiful views go largely unnoticed because these two roads are not in the “high country.” Right now I’d recommend a 4WD vehicle as parts are rather muddy, but as things dry out and the ruts get beaten down, any vehicle can make it. Road 2 and 2B are probably better for a standard car. If you’re careful, you can do Road 4.

On a ham radio note, I took a small APRS setup along which finally worked. More in another post.

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2 Responses to Ouray County Roads 2 and 4 — Redux

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Nick, I’ve put up posts about most of the off-highway roads within maybe 30 miles of my place. I certainly haven’t done them all – there are so many! In each post, I try to describe the road condition, so that may be a help to you. You should be prepared for steep roads – after all, these are the San Juan Mountains – and some roads are better than others. Also, watch for ruts – I’m still recovering from a rut-induced broken arm!

  2. Nick Christi says:

    Sir, I like your feedback on various road terrain and technicality of it. We will be traveling to Ouray area on our hybrid motorcycles (Yamaha Tenere, weight 700 lb, 1200 CC). So well maintained road are welcome, but the roads with large loose rocks and very steep grade 25% and grater creates highly technical conditions – IMO and would like to avoid them. So we are trying to gauge and gather the roads/trails etc. around Ourey, Telluride (b/w rt 145 and 550). Also looking to get your recommendation for well traveled off roads in this vicinity. Thank you for your time and feedback. Nick

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