Origami: Folding a Dollar Bill to Look Like a Shirt

What’s this, you ask? Yep, it has nothing to do with motorcycles or ham radio, but after all this is my information site. My mom has made it a tradition for many years to include in the Happy Birthday card a $20 bill made into the shape of a shirt using an origami technique. I thought I’d make a short video showing how this is done. Enjoy! — Update Aug 17th, 2011 from my mother:

The sleeves are the last thing to be made. With the folded shirt facing up, untuck the front of the shirt from under the collar, turn over and lift up inside flap so you have one long folded strip with the back of the collar at the bottom. With the middle fingers, reach around both sides of the top fold and pull out narrow sides and continue crease all the way across. This is what will make your sleeves. With thumb and first finger, pinch a sleeve out, adjust the size, and there you have it!

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  1. Mini C says:

    Dave……Well done ! You do the sleeves a litte differently, but the end product is the same. I love that little shirt ! MOM

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