Oh! Point Video (Near Engineer Pass)

I made it to within a hundred yards of Engineer Pass today. I’m amazed the roads are open this early in the season! We’re at least a month early in terms of road openings. Engineer Pass Road itself (Ouray County Road 18 and San Juan County Road 17) are open. Although Engineer Pass itself wasn’t quite open, Oh! Point was. And, yes, the exclamation point is part of the site’s official name! So this video is only a couple minutes long and is a tour of Oh! Point. The views are simply stunning! The views are better from Oh! Point than from Engineer Pass itself.

This video is an excerpt from the gobs I took today. It’s a quick tour of Oh! Point. The scenery is quite simply stunning! The road to Oh! Point from the Ouray side is open for serious 4WD (and, of course, dirt bikes). (BTW, it may seem like I’m traveling fast, but that’s an optical illusion because of the camera’s field of view. This was a first gear ride.)

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