NASA Soldering Instructions

An Oggie who wishes to remain unnamed sent me this extract from NASA soldering guidance circa the Apollo moon project. The big difference between normal techniques and this one is that NASA recommends clipping the leads prior to soldering. It makes for interesting reading. See PDF: NASA Student Workbook Hand Soldering Excerpt

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2 Responses to NASA Soldering Instructions

  1. rodney ka0use says:

    i once worked with a guy who came to us from lockheed-martin.
    he had had to take a tough course on soldering.
    think temperature variations (both sudden and slow), vibration, shock from impact,
    chemicals, other stuff.

  2. Randy Williamson says:

    Ha ha! Certainly a blast from the past! When I was in college our electronics prof was a former engineer who worked in the space program during the late 50s and 60s. He presented us with a Soldering Techniques paper and what he expected from our projects. The general class consensus was a big You have got to be kidding me. Then he went on to explain how the real world worked and what we could expect depending upon which company we worked for in the future. Of course he didnt expect all of that but did require the mechanical bend on pcbs and chassis connections. 73. K0TNG

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