Modeling the Simple Inverted Vee Antenna #102

What can we learn about the Inverted Vee HF single-band antenna from the EZNEC+ model? Lots of things, having to do with height above ground, the amount of spreading, and using a metal pole as a mast. Tune in for full details!

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  1. John Hall says:

    Answer on your cloud question….

    My name is John, KA1NKE…
    This is insightful speculation, what you are seeing is undulations in cirrus clouds that are influenced by the jet stream.

    What I suspect you saw was eddies (vorticies) formed by changes in the direction of the jet stream. Often happens where one region of air is moving faster or in a different direction then a neighboring region on air.

    Given that it looked like you had a cold front pass, as evidenced by the snow, its very common to see cirrus clouds on the back side of the front as well as disturbed air. Disturbed air, distrupts velocities and there you get unique formatons.

    I went to the US Merchant Marine Academy and flew helicopters for the USCG; so I sat in a few classes on meteorology.


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