Market Comparison Chart that Accompanies Ask Dave #199

Here’s the chart I used for Ask Dave #199. It shows the offerings from Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu as well as Alinco and Elecraft and how they’re positioned pricewise. Dollar figures are street prices from Ham Radio Outlet, DX Engineering, and Universal Radio. Prices subject to change.

Chart from Ask Dave #199

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2 Responses to Market Comparison Chart that Accompanies Ask Dave #199

  1. Dan says:

    Dave, I really appreciate your videos. Great job and keep it up. Just watched #199- Great job at explaining the price points. I am one of the K3 aficionados. First time I bought a NEW HF radio (back in 2010) and it has been worth it. I have recently upgraded everything worth upgrading, so I now have a K3 half-ess radio! I don’t have the 2m or the 2nd receiver, but otherwise it’s loaded and I have the P3. That brings it to nearly $6000 invested and that’s a LOT of money, but I’m finally at a place where I can afford that. However, you are correct, the 7300 is really the best bang for your buck and I can see why it’s taken the HF market by storm. I recently traded with a friend for a few weeks so we could both get familiar with each other’s radio. I was impressed. NM3A

  2. Howard Andrus says:

    Hi Dave,
    As always, thanks for the GREAT Info. I have older radios but bought the ICOM 7300 and I love how modern and upgraded they are!
    Howard WH6CLZ

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