MARC Ham Radio Field Day 2010

It took me over a year to pull these video clips together, but the recent acquisition of CyberLink PowerDirector made it a much easier job! Here you see the Montrose Amateur Radio Club (MARC) at its 2010 Field Day event.

What a great group of people! Field Day is an annual event when hams nationwide gather in groups to operate under emergency field conditions. The idea is to set up working HF and VHF stations, put up antennas, run generator power, and everything else required to get on the air. And then it’s a free-for-all as our station tries to contact as many other Field Day stations as possible. It’s great fun, helps us learn how to use our equipment, gives us an opportunity to train newer hams, and showcase our work to the public. The event, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League, is the last full weekend in June.

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