Long winter’s nights

I’d planned to use winter evenings to put up more motorcycling rides. There’s no dearth of material! True, I’ve spent a lot of time on my latest novel, but I’m not getting to the rides. The biggest challenge in adding stories is the photographs. I take sometimes dozens of photos while riding plus most usually a GPS track. I’ve found it can take longer to write up the ride than it did to take the ride itself. I select a few photos, keeping in mind that some people use these to determine whether to go there. So I need to photograph such unphotogenic things as road signs. After picking out the photos I’ll use, I need to run each one of them through Faststone to tweak things like brightness and contrast. Then I need t crop and then resize each photo to fit into the space allotted, usually 600 pixels wide. As the last step, I use WSftp to upload the photos to the site. And I have to download the GPS track into DeLorme Topo USA, import it into the program, get it to the right view, then use Faststone screen capture to make the image of the map, which likewise has to be resized to no more than 600 pixels wide. It too must be uploaded. And only then I’m ready to write the post! While writing the post, I pick the spot for each photo or GPS track, and write the captions. I can then preview the post, usually needing more tweaks. I add in hyperlinks, bolding, and italics, and press Publish. That’s all there is to it!

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